Simon Cowell / American Idol / X-Factor

So –

Do you think Cowell’s absence from AI has made a difference (positive or negative) and do you plan to watch the US version of the X Factor later this year? And what do you predict will happen re. ratings of AI and X Factor?

Seems Cowell is offering a much bigger prize ($5M) than AI and it’s opened up to any age and groups, like the UK version (there’s a minimum age, but it’s very low). And X Factor is much more “dramatic” and flashy than Idol, and centered a lot more around the judges and rivalry between them as they mentor each category (boys, girls, over 25s, and groups).

I’ve always preferred the X Factor - it’s simply more entertaining - but that’s just a taste thing. And personally, I’m finding AI a bit lackluster and boring without Cowell - dunno if I’ll last the season. AI ratings are down again - it now has about 22M viewers, which is similar to X Factor viewers in a country a sixth of the size (i.e. a much smaller market share). What about you?

I’m liking Steve Tyler and J-Lo as the replacement judges - Randy is his usual placeholder self. I haven’t noticed the lack of Simon Cowell at all - between Steve and Jennifer, they seem to get the message across to people who shouldn’t be singing quite well (with a few Simon-type zingers thrown in, mostly from Steven who can’t quite seem to help himself). Steven Tyler is much more entertaining than Simon, too.

That all said, I probably will watch X-Factor, too, but I’m watching AI for now.

What Cat Whisperer said. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have more than filled Simon’s shoes. I will probably watch x Factor, too, though, since I love contest shows.

Too late to edit - I meant that they got the message across quite well, not that the people were singing quite well. :slight_smile: