Simple excel question

The computer help post seemed mostly spyware related, and I have no problems with that. The help menu for Excel got me as fas as knowing that each date has a specific serial number. That’s great. How the heck do I get my A column to list dates down each row? It seems simple enough, so I’m sure there a formula to maybe just add 1 to the serial for each row (and have the results displayed as a date). I’m looking for something like this:


Anyone? Please, and thank you.

Choose the date formatting you want in your first cell. Put your mouse pointer in the lower right corner of the cell until it turns into a crosshairs. Drag down the length of the column. The cells will populate and the date will be incremented as desired.

Yes, this is the best way. It’s called “Fill Down”.

You can also just type “=A1+1” in cell B1, where A1 is the date, and fill that down, to increment the date by one day.