Simple RTF to HTML converter

OK, I’ve a few utilities that can convert RTF to HTML (including Word+Dreamweaver and various freeware). I’d just like to know if anyone has a favorite that can:

  1. Keep simple formatting. Italics, centering, and preferably indents.
  2. Not require much tidying up afterwards.
  3. Convert paragraphs to paragraphs tags, in some way converting an extra blank line to SOMETHING.
  4. If all but two of the paragraphs are the same, not have a paragraph and a span tag for each, each with lots of formatting in. At most have a style applied to all.

The reason being, I’d like to edit the thing afterwards if I have to. Am I being overoptimistic? Are my requests unreasonable? Does, for instance, word do this but I’m using it wrong?

Any suggestions?

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