Simple yarn/textile crafts for kids

I’m looking for instructions on simple crafts for kids based on yarn and/or textiles; they already do French knitting(and loom/rake knitting) and can make knotted friendship bracelets - I’m looking for more ideas along similar lines… any suggestions?

One of those little square looms for making potholders?

They can each decorate a piece of fabric with fabric pens and then a quilt could be made.

How about these ? We used to make them in Girl Scouts.

There is a cute and simple way to make dolls from yarn. I’ll do my best to write out directions.

Take a card and wrap yarn around it repeatedly, until when you remove it the diameter is about 1 inch. Take smaller pieces of yarn and tie off the top of the head, the neck and the waist. Cut through the yarn at the bottom. For a pants-wearing doll, divide the yarn below the waist and tie off into legs.

Repeat with a slightly smaller card to a slimmer diameter. Remove from card. Use small pieces of yarn near the ends to create hands. Thread the arm arm unit through the larger unit between the neck and the waist.

You can add more decorations with marker, felt, glue-on sequins, etc.

White glue and mason jars. Glue coils of colored yarn in cool designs on the jar and make a pencil holder for Mother’s Day. A 5 year old can handle this.

Plastic Canvas was always one of my favourites. We made stuff like this and tucked Hershey’s Kisses into them.

I was also introduced to regular knitting and crochet early on. The basics are easy to pick up.

I remember making yarn-covered wire clothes hangers. Directions here. (Kinda icky web site, though. I’m not sure what yarn-covered hangers have to do with “exploring womanhood.” :confused: )

refrains from making really tasteless abortion joke


NO WIRE COAT HANGERS!!! [/Joan Crawford]

That’s one of the things I was going to suggest. The other is God’s eyes. Basically, you start with two sticks in a cross shape, and wrap yarn around each branch of the cross in turn, spiralling outward, and get a diamond-shaped ornament.

My daughter and I just did a Junior Girl Scout meeting on the Folk Arts badge. We brought in wooden clothespins, pipe cleaners (for arms), fabric scraps, yarn, ribbon and glue and the girls made dolls. She and her friends all seemed to love it. I started them out with fabric circles about 4" across for “skirts,” and then just let them invent the rest of the clothes themselves.