Simpsons, 2/20/11

Am I the only person here that saw The Simpsons last night and thought they brilliantly morphed Simpsons-style animation with Nick Park’s clay animation? It was like Wallace and Gromit, but in Springfield, or was it the Simpsons in Wigan?

The episode also featured animation reminiscent of a Pixar film and the movies Persepolis and The Triplets of Belleville. I thought it was a good episode, and in fact they’ve had several good episodes this season.

I was surprised there was no “eat my shorts” joke. They did repeat not one but two jokes from last week: a pun on “cockblocking,” and Nick Park being “more clay than man” (like Moe was “more worm than boy”).

The alternate animation sequences were alright, but the story was one of the dullest and least original episodes they’ve ever done. It felt kind of odd, though perhaps for the better, that they didn’t acknowledge the blatant timeline abuse in the setup (in the flashback, “Angry Dad” ended its run as an internet cartoon in 1999, yet the Bart Simpson of 2011 probably wouldn’t have even been born then!).

What was up with the Jurassic Park music during the awards show montage? It wasn’t really a joke or a reference, as far as I could tell- it was just there.

The Cialis joke in the Itchy and Scratchy short was amusing.

The part where Homer missed Bart’s meeting because of something important at work (Taco Tuesday) was hilarious. Taco day is a huge deal for me at my company cafeteria.

Now that Bart has won both an Golden globe and an Oscar, Lisa can’t really be seen as the Simpsons kid with the most promising future. Seriously, what has Lisa done that even comes close to Bart’s achievements?

it was funny. though why wasn’t the food item cheese?

Well, she does go on to become the first straight female President of the USA, so there’s that.

I liked that. Subtle.

It was a sub-par episode. I liked the different animation styles very much, but the whole thing didn’t really feel like a Simpsons episode. And that was the best they could come up with for a clip of the Angry Dad short film?

What Antigen said.

Simpsons is rapidly becoming a period piece, stuck in the mid-to-late 1990s. Efforts to update it are jarring and angry up the blood.

Best episode in years. Equal to the Tree House of Horrors episodes, and 23 Short Films about Springfield.

Are you being sarcastic, dude?

Am I the only one who really get’s tired of the epic “Itchy and Scratchy” parts? I mean, I like the little shorts that they do every once in a while…but whenever there is a whole 2 or 3 minutes devoted to it I get mad. It’s taking away from my Simpsons!

tv is a big part of their lives. they are a typical american family.

Well, she would be a self-made millionaire already if she hadn’t turned down Mr. Burns’s check for 10% of the slurry business she helped him build by introducing him to “ree-CYYYY-clean?” (recycling)

Interesting to see the Simpsons’ tribute to their peers - and that Angry Dad has turned into the Simpons stand-in that Itchy & Scratchy used to be - but the plot of this one wasn’t very strong. I thought the best joke was Lisa explaining that her dress is a lampshade.