Simpsons and use of "Noooooo!!!!" and "Whaaaaaaa?"

I noticed on a lot of Simpsons episodes the characters say “Noooooo!!!” when something bad is happening.

I don’t believe that is original but a take off of something else? If it is not original what it’s a take off of.

And another catchphrase is "Whaaaaaaaaa? (instead of “What?”). Is this original or not. If not what’s it taken from?

I’m not sure they are parodies of a specific movie or moment - they might just be parodies of tropes, things that everybody has seen on TV at some point.

Their worst catchphrase is the “yesssssssssssssssssssssss?” one and the worst character is the guy who says it.

That’s referring to a particular guy, Frank Nelson, a wonderful character actor. You may have seen him in such shows as I Love Lucy, Sanford and Son or The Jack Benny Program.


You whaaaaaaaaa?

No, I was calling my assistant. Euwa, get in here.

Worse than “woozle-wozzle”? I think not!

Jon Stewart also tosses out a “Whaaaaa?” now and then.


Won’t somebody think of the children?!

Nobody likes Moleman.

Lesbians? This isn’t my army reunion.

Hey, I like Moleman. But I think the correct line is “Nobody’s gay for Moleman.”

On the other hand, “Nobody likes Milhouse!” :smiley:

His tend to remind me of Scooby-Doo’s puzzled “Mruh?”


What about the “a-oy, oy” sorta sound and the collar fingering when someone is in trouble?

That was the recently-deceased Charles Nelson Reilly’s shtick.

Not when “Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!”

[Dirty Work]

Sam: So, you mean to tell me that that sweet girl’s grandmother runs a whorehouse out of the building we’re about to destroy?

Mitch: Yeah, I feel awful doing this to Kathy.

Sam: Hey, uh, Mitch, you’re really starting to like this Kathy, aren’t ya?

Mitch: [with a huge, smirking grin] Nooooooo.

Sam: Mitch, I know you, man. When you say “no” like that, you really mean yes.

Mitch: What are ya talking about?

Sam: Watch, I’ll show you. Mitch, uh, did you ever rob a bank?

Mitch: [definitely] No.

Sam: Did you ever climb Mount Everest?

Mitch: [more definitely] No.

Sam: Did you ever say that you can see why women find Sean Connery sexy?

Mitch: [with a huge, smirking grin] Nooooooo.


I don’t know if it’s this, but one very famous ‘Noooooo!’ is the one uttered by Luke Skywalker when Darth Vader reveals thatRosebud is the name of his sled
-you can watch the clip here:

And an excellent take on it from Toy Story 2 here:

I’m usually very well behaved in movie theaters, but at the end of Crap Prequel #3 (I’ve long since forgotten the title) when Darth stands up, shakes his fist in the air, and yells “Nooooooooooo” I freaking lost it. I was laughing so hard, it made me sick.