Simpsons/Apocalypse Now

I’m having Simpsons Wiki trouble. In which episode does Homer recap the mirror scene near the opening of Apocalypse Now? I’ll continue searching, but I do get distracted by Canyonero and Spider Pig.

Is it one of these?

Not as far as I can tell without pulling up plot summaries. Searches for simpsons + the end or + the doors don’t yield it, either, but I’m sure I’ve seen it, and my partner remembers me showing the two scenes for comparison.

The End was in at least 3 episodes* The first is the episode where he bowls a 300 and gets depressed when his 15 minutes ends. Also in Smoke on the Daughter. But I suspect the most relevant is in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore where he becomes the Kurtz of outsourcing. I don’t remember the mirror part though.

*Have they used other songs (besides the theme music!) more than once? I think maybe At Seventeen 3x?

*Thelurkinghorror! Thelurkinghorror! *

IRC, Smoke on the Daughter has Bart rising out of the water Willard-style. I’ll need to watch* Kiss Kiss* again, but it’s season 17 and I thought I’d watched it on disk some time ago (17 just came out this year). Could be wrong about that.