Simpson's guest voices who have passed away

I can name the following:

Joey Ramone

Linda McCartney

George Harrison

And of course Phil Hartman and Ron Taylor (Bleeding Gums Murphy)

Any more anyone can think of? This week I saw both the George Harrison one and the one with The Ramones.

Johnny Cash - he was the voice of the fox in the episode where Homer eats the Guatemalen Insanity Peppers and trips

Can’t think of any more off the top of my head, but this was the first one to spring to mind

wait…was that supposed to be a fox or a coyote? Maybe a coyote, b/c they were in the desert…

It was a coyote, or so Homer and the writers said (“In your face, space coyote!”).

Here’s the official list from the SNPP:

Audrey Meadows
George Fenneman
Linda McCartney
Jim Varney
Tito Puente
Steve Allen
Joseph Calleja
Werner Klemperer
Joey Ramone
Jack Lemmon
George Harrison
Ron Taylor
Lawrence Tierney
Stephen Jay Gould
John Entwistle
Rod Steiger
Johnny Unitas
Barry White
Bob Hope
Johnny Cash
George Plimpton
Paul Winfield

Phil Hartman and “Lunch Lady” Doris Grau are included under a separate category.


after biting homer:

Sorry, I am a coyote.
Homer wakes up in sand trap

…and that talking Coyote was just a talking dog

dog: Find your soulmate, Homer.

H: Waitaminnit! There’s no such thing as a talking dog!

d: Woof!

H:That’s better.

Ack! When did he die? sad

October 30, 2000

Jesus, I managed to miss that fact for 4 damn years? Still sad