Simpsons to be on Inside the Actors Studio

Bravo Sunday at 8:00 PM. Just thought I’d let everyone know. I’ve never seen the people who do the voices before, and I’ve always wondered what “Homer” looks like. My DVR is set.

Oooh will Harry Shearer be there? I’m going to be watching that! Thanks!

I saw this episode when it was originally broadcast months ago. It’s pretty funny but for some reason Julie Kavner goes missing for the second half. My love for Hank Azaria grew hundredfold thanks to this episode.

Harry Shearer is on it. I too noticed the disapearing Julie and I also agree with the Hank observation. He was by far the best on the show.

Good show. Enjoy

Julie had a previous engagement- I believe. It was explained in the prior thread on this special.

I saw (most of) this Inside the Actor’s studio, it was increadibly funny seeing the Simpson voice coming out of real peoples mouths, and I was surprised at how many of the cast do more than one voice. I was under the impression (after seeing her on Letterman years ago) that Julie Kavenar [sp?] doesn’t like to “do” Marge live as it would spoil people’s perception of the character …

I thought it was disappointing. Turns out the writers are the funny ones… who would have known?

I love seeing Azaria, Shearer and Castenella go through all their voices. But I also thought the show was kind of disappointing – just too many guests. I’d rather see Lipton interview just one or two of them at a time.

Other than the Kavner disappearing act, did anyone else get a weird vibe from her? She did her voices, but she was never shown doing them. They were always done as a voice over with the cartoon character on the screen, or they would show someone else while she talked. Does she have some weird “stop looking at me” clause in her contract?

Saw end of original braodcast. HEELARIOUS!!! I wonder if you could do a coherent episode with just the two most versitaile voicers? (for lack of a better word)

Munch, her vibe is always that way - she considers herself a serious actress (and indeed received an Emmy for her work in Rhoda) and has always sort-of resented solely being known as the voice of Marge.

As to why she left the stage - we talked about her disappearance in this thread - ths short version is that she got up to use the bathroom and Lipton ordered her to sit back down and talk like Patty and Selma, so she didn’t return.

Did anyone else notice, close to the beginning of the show, they showed one of the audience members and I’d swear it was David Byrne from the Talking Heads.

I saw him, too, Joey P, and I think it was him!

I saw the woman that does Bart’s voice a couple of years ago, and she wasn’t allowed to do it in public.


I don’t remember (it’s been a couple years.) I guess it’s just a contract thing. Maybe because it’s a girl doing a boy’s voice. Might lessen Bart’s ultimate coolness. (Not a sexist comment, BTW)

What’s “in public”? She does it on TV talk shows all the time.

Maybe it was just back then she couldn’t do it. F me!

I’m with if6was9 regarding Nancy Cartwright and the “Bart” voice. In the early years of the series, there was apparently a contract clause that prohibited her from doing that voice outside of the show. In fact, I seem to recall that the restriction applied to all the voice actors, but my memory may just be playing tricks on me.

I remember during the early days of the show Dan Castellaneta did a guest appearance on L.A. Law. He only did the Homer voice briefly, and only off-camara (he was in a men’s room stall, IIRC). I remember at the time that there was a rule he couldn’t be seen doing Homer’s voice (I don’t know if the prohibition applied to ‘in public’ or just to other TV shows).