Sims 3

So, Sims 3 has leaked and is now widely available on Torrents sites. How many of you are tempted to download it two weeks in advance in stead of buying it? I must admit that I am. Big time. I don’t have a problem with buying the game, and probably will still do if it is released, but the temptation to play it two weeks in advance is great.

On the other hand, I don’t have much time to play the next few days anyway, and by the time I can sit down and spend longer than a few minutes on it, it’s almost release date anyway. So I might even sit this one out. But still… Who else is hearing that little devil on his shoulder?

Well, if you download it and decide to play that and not buy it, well, that would make you a thief, wouldn’t it?

I have my game pre-ordered and I will install and register it when I get it. apparently you get $10 worth of download content and, more importantly, a whole new town! The game ships with only 1 town.

That being said - I already downloaded a torrent version :slight_smile: I couldn’t resist temptation. I’m using it to explore the town, learn about the new features, etc. But I’m going to hold off in creating the sims I want to create and play with, until I get my hands on the full retail version.

Since I’ve already payed for the game and plan on continuing to support the devs, I don’t feel bad, and think of it as a small treat, a demo, as it where, which will get deleted when the retail box arrives.

The only thing I feel bad about is that in downloading I also had to seed, possibly helping people who have no plans on purchasing the game to steal.

Theres no reason why you couldn’t do both. In fact if the release copy has harmful drm installing the torrent version would be the better option.

EA has indicated that they will definitely not be repeating Spore.

Sorry to bump a (semi) old thread, quick tech question;

The Sims 3 specs in relation to GPU’s are (for nVidea);

NVIDIA GeForce series
FX 5900, FX 5950
6200, 6500, 6600, 6800
7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
9300, 9400, 9500, 9600, 9800
G100, GT 120, GT 130, GTS 150
GTS 250, GTX 260, GTX 280, GTX 285, GTX 295

Naturally, I assumed my 9500 GT would be able to handle it. However, Can You Run It has given me a big fat nope;

What the crap? Is my GPU not up to snuff (weird, considering Empire Total War is no problem) or is Can You Run It full of crap? I’m hoping the latter, if the freakin’ 6 series can run it.

That’s an error on their part. Of course your vidoe card supports 3D acceleration. That’s what it does. You’re good to go.

I’ve been rabidly following the shenanigans over at More Awesome Than You, and I’m just as undecided as to whether I’ll buy this thing or not. Those folks have unearthed an anthill full of bugs and “features” in the pirated version, some small and some game-breakingly huge, like the “story progression” toggle not actually turning off story progression, allowing all sims not currently being played to marry, spontaneously asexually reproduce, and even move away–i.e., disappear entirely from the neighborhood. This is supposed to be able to be disabled, but no. Doesn’t work.

Granted, the pirated version is supposed to be a “pre-final” version, but nonetheless I am still skeptical.

Oh, and you how EA says there’s no Securom on this sucker? Lies and propaganda, it seems–unless they left it on the pirated version and will take it off for the release. The game “phones home.” Fortunately there’s ways around this.

Thanks, Kithalis, thought so; just didn’t want to risk wasting £40.

On checking again, it also says I can’t run Fallout 3, which is a surprise to me as I’ve just been running it.

This is a Sims game, they’re notoriously buggy. I worked on Sims 2, and so did some of my friends, and they’re freakin impossible to test due to the sheer broad spectrum at which the final product will be played and the schedule EA makes all their people work on. That said, stuff like progression stoppers (game-killers, as they say, that make it so you can’t progress through the story anymore) and stuff like menu options that don’t work (as you said, turning off progression doesn’t stop progression) is lame and unacceptable. The only reason there’d be that stuff on a pre-final version this close to release is if they purposely turned it off, which doesn’t seem likely. So we go back to “sims games are notoriously buggy” and assume they’ll release a few billion patches in the upcoming months.

As for securerom. I believe they said they won’t have it nearly as intrusive as the Spore debacle, but they never said they wouldn’t use any sort of protection. They’re EA, they can’t “learn” from their “mistakes” :wink: Use the workarounds, or just download a pirated version that doesn’t bother with any of the security stuff (meaning buy a legal version but don’t actually install it. You gotta support the games/devlopers you like, but no reason to let the publisher’s failed attempts at anti-piracy stop you from actually enjoying a game)

sounds to me like a driver issue. download and install the latest official drivers for your video card (even if you have 'em already, just reinstall 'em) and hopefully that’ll fix the problem

Except for the direct download version, of course.

By the way:

Sigh I buckeled. I must admit I downloaded the game and so far, I’m glad I did. I now know that I will never buy it, and have deleted my pirated copy after only a few hours of play. I see no added value in Sims 3 above Sims 2. The whole selling point of Sims 3 was the neighborhood, but I don’t find that all that entertaining. Sure, you can visit your neighbours, rummage through their garbage, and walk to work, in stead of just being picked up (although that still works too).
Apart from that, it’s just Sims 2 with prettier graphics (although even that not all that much). Nope, I’ll just stick with my Sims 2 version. I hate to think about all the add-ons it will otherwise cost me again.

Don’t forget the lack of loading screens and the distinct personalities.

I have Sims 3 on preorder but I don’t intend to install it right away. I’ll lurk on the EA boards and see how buggy it is first. No release is perfect, but EA games, especially Sims games are notoriously buggy and each expansion makes more bugs and breaks fixes for old bugs. However, as long as we keep going back for more, they have no incentive to work on the problems.

I’ve been playing around with the pirated copy as well.

I’m still picking up the retail version though as I really like the new distinct personalities the lack of loading screens, the new short term goals system and the fact that Sims around my sims continue to age and form relaitonships with one another as I play. The world isn’t static as it was in the Sims 2.

My main dissapointment comes in the “film prop-like” town center. You can’t even go into restaurants? Common!

I hope to do so myself. I’ve had the Collector’s Edition on preorder since, oh, around Valentine’s Day.

Good to know that other sims age too, The Sims 2 was a bit creepy in that aspect, seeing the sim your teenager went out with at the same age when that sim was an elder, children locked in Peter Pan mode.

Quick q; does this extend to your other sim families? I don’t want to play one family only to find that my other family across town have all died of old age.

3 handles your Sim homes a bit differently; each one still exists in a little world unto itself. If you want to see what would happen to one of your families while playing another home you can make a copy of that family and move them into the other home’s world.

For all of those who have spent some time with the game, I have a question.

I never liked the Sims much because it always seemed like I was Sisyphus. Every hour I spent with the game ended with a half hour of stuff I didn’t get around to do. It always seemed like I wasn’t quite able to ever catch up.

I had read a preview of the game online that said the sims would be able to handle their own personal needs, giving me more time to screw with the neighbors (no pu… no it was intended) and work on their careers and stuff. Is this true? Has the mundane micromanagement been reduced? Thanks!

Yes, although sometimes they do need to be reminded. Like the guy who’s having so much fun on his computer that he doesn’t notice the time.
Speaking of which…