Sims Expansion Pack question

Our Sim CDrom has been badly scratched and now runs like a piece of sh*t (which may encourage Primafloret the Elder to put his fecking CDRoms where his brother can’t trash, mightn’t it?).

In any case, do I need the Sims CDRom to run the expansion packs or is it sufficient that the basic files are on the computer? I’m completely unthrilled by the concept of replacing a CD which is only 4 weeks old :frowning: and P the E has saved half the cost of an expansion pack.

You do not. The expansion pack CD will take the place of the original Sims CD as the one which needs to be in your computer while the game is running.

At least, this is how it works for “Livin’ Large”, which is the only Sims expansion I have personal experience with. I would assume the rest of them work similarly.

Of course, if something went wrong and you had to re-install the Sims from scratch, you’d be screwed due to the loss of your original game CD, and have a useless expansion to boot.

Popping back in to say that Livin’ Large may be called Livin’ It Up in your country, as it is in the UK. Whatever - it’s the first Sims expansion, of which there are now 4.

Register the sims and write ea and see if you can get your disk replaced. You will need it if you ever have to reinstall. BTW I have all the expansion packs and I like them all

I will ditto Spurious George for Hot Date. If The Sims is already installed, all you need from then on is the Hot Date CD to run the game.

You only need the latest expansion pack installed to play the game.

I’ve had to re-install completely for various reasons 4 or 5 times, so I’d suggest you follow lee’s advice- they really will replace it from what I’ve heard from players in similar situations.

so is anyone else excited about the announcement of the Unleashed expansion coming this fall? Pets, finally! Now, if they can add some more life stages (teens, toddlers, and elderly) and make kids grow up in the 6th one, it will be the best game in the world :slight_smile: I need more RAM before the fall though, the game runs too slow now with just the 4 expansions.

Go here for the Unleashed press release

You needed the disk for the most recently installed expansion pack to run the game. However you will want to replace the disk, and anything could happen and you may need to reinstall everything at some point. EA should be willing to replace the disk for a small fee. I’ve never had to get a replacement from them, but when my Baldur’s Gate CD mysteriously busted in half, I got it replaced for $5.

And I am definitely looking forward to unleashed. I’ve been wanting pets for so long. I agree that there should be more life stages. I’d like to see the kids grow up and get out at some point. :slight_smile:

I have also heard you can get the disc replaced from EA.

Elfkin asked: “so is anyone else excited about the announcement of the Unleashed expansion coming this fall?”


I am sooooo excited! I have mentioned it to my husband about fifty times.
Jorel (who has a birthday in September)

I will finally be able to create a house with a crazy cat lady. Many cats I hope.