Simulating a pH meter probe


For a project at work, I’ve borrowed an Orion 525+ pH meter from one of our customers. We need to take the meter’s RS232 serial output and parse it in such a way that some data is useful for the application we’re developing. The company with which I’m employed doesn’t really work with pH meters…ever. This is a unique and likely one-time project and way outside of our specialty (weight, force and torque measurement).

The customer didn’t have any extra probes to lend me. I need to hook someting up to the meter so I don’t get an error message. My sense is that I can hook up a resistor or small signal source to the BNC connector to get some reading from the pH meter so that we can run our tests. That there’s are only 2 leads for the probe connector makes me think I can do this …somehow.

The meter spec says “Millivolt Range: ±1600.0” Can I hook up a 1 volt DC source and get a reading? Or perhaps a 1k resistor?