Since nobody else has started it, here it is- the Identity Crisis 3 thread. Spoilers

OK, the good news is, Ralph isn’t dead.

Ollie, Z, Dinah, Wally, Kyle and Carter battle it out with Deathstroke and, of course, win by the skin of their teeth. But watching the fight triggers Dr. Light’s memory of his Zatannabotomy.

Big Blue arrives on the scene and wants to know why those crazy conspirators went after Dr. Light. Wally covers, then asks Ollie just exactly how many ASSPD minds have been tampered with. Turns out, just about everybody who has sussed out the identities of JLA members (well, I can think of a couple of exceptions, but do you really want me to start talking about Batman storylines again? Didn’t think so) has had the memory wiped, but Dr. L was the first time they actually tried to alter someones personality.

Supes informs the gang that Dr. Light didn’t kill Sue Dibney, which means we all get to wonder, who did, and who is next?

Meanwhile, Dr. Light’s flashback raises yet another question- Was the Batman on the satellite the night Sue was raped, and was he part of the conspiracy to muddle Light’s mind?

And on the final pages, Jean Loring, Ray Palmer’s ex wife, is murdered…

OK, you may now commence speculation on who the killer is, who will be his next victim, and whether Bruce was on the satellite that night.

I think if they tried to give Ra’s Al Ghul a Zatannabotomy (great word!), that might backfire. And I’m still not sure of Batman’s role in all of this.

My husband suggested Carol Farris might be a target, but it’s probably not in one’s best interests to bring down the Wrath of God on you. I’d go gunning for Lois Lane before I screwed with the Spectre. Eep!

I feel bad for Wally. All this new info about his heroes (especially Barry) is going to eat at him.

My guess for the murderer is the Calculator. I have very little to base it on, other than the victims (Sue, Jean) were spouses of heroes he previously battled and that he’s shown he has teleportation powers in the past. I’m guessing there may be a bit of hidden “untold” business we don’t know about when Batman & other JLA members, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Atom, Elongated Man and Black Canary battled the Calculator.


Great minds think alike, apparently. Mine’s a little different, though.