Since Reeder isn't here....

Ok, it’s a cheap shot. And the picture is an even cheaper shot. But given his tendency to run away from the press…or anyone who might question his action…it a funny cheap shot.

R.I.P. Reeder :slight_smile:

The picture is a bit funny, I admit, but this would be silly even for Reeder.

I’m no lover of Bush but I think it’s clear from the story that he was making fun of himself when the picture was taken. Hence his exaggerated facial expression. I don’t see this picture as particularly embarrassing. It shows a human, humorous side.

No, it wouldn’t, and that’s the tragedy of Reeder. He would have considered this Pulitzer-worthy.

Personally, I find the video mildly comical, but not foolish. Anyone in that situation might behave as Bush did; laugh it off, carry on.

[Insert “Bush needs an exit strategy” joke here.]


OK, that was funny.

:smiley: I hadn’t even thought of that.
Anyway there’s a reason I made this a homage to Reeder. It’s not that this is evidence that Bush is stupid…or evidence of anything other than a human faux pas. It’s just in light of his tendency to run away from the press that it becomes mildly amusing.

In fact it may be more MPSIMS but I put it here because it’s what Reeder would have wanted :slight_smile: .

**Since Reeder isn’t here… **
I hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend. Next thing you know, someone will post right-wing glurge and say “December would have wanted it this way…”

Oh dear. No I didn’t intend it as a trend. That could get ugly.

No worries – nonpolar the mod would close the thread.

Jay Leno used the “exit strategy” line to good effect on the Tonight Show last night.

Much as I can’t stand the Shrub, I empathize with his plight here. Happened to me once. Except the “press” was on the other side of the door waiting for me, and the door had a spotlight on it. It would have been embarassing had it not been so fucking funny.

Yup, this is truely Reederiffic material…almost sock-worthy for him to come back and post this if he’s lurking. If Bush had stuck his tongue out, then it would have been a double delight for him.

This is the leader of our country.


That’s sarcasm, right? “lol, i h8 teh bsuh” stuff, right?


Why would it be sarcasm? Look, I know Bush wasn’t at fault for the door being locked, and the entire episode was simply an accident. That said though, this guy has a knack at appearing to be a bumbling idiot. It’s natural that with different presidents, we’ll have some that appear sharper then others. Didn’t Gerald Ford have a sort of clueless apprearance as well?

I bet if we shined a media spotlight on you (or me) damn near 24 hours a day, it would be damn easy to highlight one or two minor incidents and make you (or me) look like a complete bumbling idiot. Like him or not, the man is human, which means he’s going to make his fair share of trips, falls, mistakes and faux pas. Yesterday I walked into the screen door, last week I dropped a pen and whammed my head on the table when I bent down to pick it up. EVERYBODY does these kinds of things, all the time. President Bush simply has the misfortune of being on camera all the time when he’s not in a private setting, providing grist for the rumor and muckraking mill.

I think he made the best of a possibly embarrassing situation.

Pit his policies, not the man.

So, you should be able to do this sort of thing, but no one else? Sounds like something Bush would be Pitted for…

Yea, and verily.