Since when does 'karma' and a picture of the buddha mean indian music?

I bought a compilation called ‘The Karma collection’ (with a picture of the budha on it) thinking it would be mostly ‘euphoric’ type music. It turned out to be almost entirely indian type music (lots of indian instruments and sometimes the type of music in those bollywood films)

Now I have nothing against that type of music (apart from the fact that I don’t like it) but that was not what I was after, and I can’t see the link between budhism/tibet/‘karma’ and india/indian music.

Have the producers made a very dumb and incorrect stereotype? or is my religeous knowledge completely flawed?

To my understanding, Buddhism first originated in India by means of the Prince Siddhartha (sp?), which then spread all over asia.

And it eventually ‘left’ india, to be replaced by hinduism (and islam in the north)?

So allthough there is a connection between India and buddhism - isn’t it rather a weak connection these days?

(wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have called my cd “the hindu-concept-of-happiness collection” and had a picture of a many-armed elephant on it?)

How can you not like Indian music?

With considerable ease.

Your knowledge of religion is seriously flawed. Hinduism is probably the oldest of the five major religions of the world. The Buddha was a Hindu before he ever achieved enlightenment. If you study both religions, you’ll see where they parallel each other - for instance, karmapboth a Buddhist and Hindu concept.

Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world. It is widely practiced all over Asia, and has not a few adherents in Europe and North America as well. Honestly, I would be totally clueless as to what “Buddhist” music would be - there are just too many types of Buddhist to make one CD. Tibetan Buddhism is one of the highest profile groups in the religion (largely thanks to the prominence of the Dalai Lama), but it is by no means the only one.

It does sound like disingenous promoting, though. I’m not a big fan of more traditional Indian music, either, although Hindi pop is pretty fun.

I don’t even know what this means. It should say “for instance, karma is both a Buddhist and Hindu concept.”

I knew what it meant.