I made a sincronizada last night. I used to love these when I was a kid, and make them from time to time. My mom worked at Montgomery Field in San Diego, and there was a Mexican restaurant there called ‘Casa Miguel’. (I recall they left out the ‘de’.) They called their sincronizada ‘La Cucaracha’, oddly enough. The restaurant is called Casa Machado now. I make my sincronizadas the way they were made when I was a kid.

I got some 14-inch flour tortillas that fit nicely into my Chicago Metallic 14" perforated non-stick pizza pan. I warmed up a can of Rosarita traditional refried beans and spread all of them over the tortilla I had put into the pan. Next came a layer of sliced ham, and then a layer of Tillamook medium cheddar cheese. Why not a Mexican cheese? Because! That’s why! A second flour tortilla went on top, and then it went into a 350ºF oven for half an hour. When it came out, the cheese was nicely melty and the top tortilla was ever so slightly tanned. I transferred ti to a cutting board, where I used my largest knife to cut it into eight slices. (You have to be careful cutting it, lest the filling be mushed out.) We got slices and garnished it with the guacamole the SO made, sour cream, and diced vine-ripened tomatoes.

We ate half of it. (Actually, the SO took a couple of inches off the point of a third slice as well.) I guess that meant she liked it. :slight_smile:

Now here’s the problem: There’s half of a large sincronizada left in the fridge. I’d get the stink-eye if I finished it off for breakfast!

I love those!

I learned you have to be careful when ordering. My Spanish is pretty bad, and I once thought I had ordered a sincronizada, but when I got home I found out that I had five steak tacos - cinco asada.

I could eat cinco asadas.

I have been making these most of my life. I was just calling them quesadillas.

Ignorance fought! Thanks, Johnny.

That’s OK. I lived most of my life not even knowing they had a name! Probably not much more than a decade ago I found out. Until then, I always thought of them as ‘La Cucarachas’ (even though I knew that meant ‘cockroaches’).

You know, the great thing about these guys is that they taste the same reheated.

They did make it past breakfast. SO wanted pancakes, so we had the ‘sinkies’ for dinner – along with some leftover Rice-A-Roni Spanish rice made with hot Rotel’s.

I want some taquitos.

So. . .Mexican pizza, in other words?

I know a couple taquerias that make what appear to be this, but they just call them quesadillas. This is my normal way of making quasadillas at home (though with something other than ham since I don’t eat pork).