Singapore: Armpit Sniffer Gets Caned

18 strokes, plus 14 years in jail. Story here. That’ll teach him. :rolleyes:

Headline: Sniffer gets sniff, stiff, staff, stiff sentence

Wonder if he enjoyed the strokes?

Makes you wonder how they’d punish someone who liked getting caned. Sleep deprivation, perhaps?

It seems from your eyeroll that you feel this is too much?

I think you’re oversimplifying this by just saying he is an armpit sniffer. Twenty three women have been touched and sniffed by him in various places. He has a history of drug and sex related offenses.

Do you think he just rolled up on them and stuck his nose in their armpit and walked away? I would imagine out of the TWENTY THREE women he did this to he had to grab, hold, subdue, or worse to at least a few of them. Should he be given a slap on the wrist and turned loose to commit more crimes because armpit sniffing is so “silly” and strange?

The article you link to gives very little in terms of what was actually done. Perhaps Reuters is being deliberately vague because, after all, you are reading that in the “Oddly Enough” section.

I get the impression, from many of your posts, that you fancy yourself to be a champion (and protector, it would seem) of men in your part of the world, but I have to wonder if you expect the courts to allow him to walk around and subject women to his little fetish?

Well, he also got 14 years in the pokey. Beating him with a cane on top of that does seem rather pointless.

Better safe than sorry.

More informative report:

My first thought on reading the thread title was “that’s a bit harsh for a cat.” (Which also contains a link back here :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks! Still, I would have given him only 10 strokes of the cane myself.

Agree. When I first read the link, I thought they meant he sniffed his own armpits…but it seems he assaulted and…um, sniffed, a lot of women. He sounds very disturbed. I can’t really bring myself to feel all that sad.

Well, I certainly don’t see myself that way and do not mean to give that impression.

But the man in this article is mildly mentally retarded, and caning is not a spanking. It’s a recognized form of torture and a rather brutal one at that. Look up exactly what it involves sometime. Personally, I’d rather see him get some help rather than a brutal beating and being locked away for nearly a generation.

Thankfully all the men in whose armpits I put my face are willing participants…

That’s the key part of the story for me, and 14 years sounds maybe a bit light to me.

I just realized, after seeing the thread title up for two days, that it doesn’t say “canned”, it says “caned”. I assumed a guy had armit-sniffing as a job and got fired. I need to pay more attention.

On topic- ew.

The thing is Singapore is not a Third World country. I know it to be a modern, vibrant city-state. They have institutions that deal with the mentally retarded. I’m mystified why the judge would choose the course of action he did rather than make use of these institutions (almost as mystified as I am that anyone would accuse me of condoning the perpetrator’s actions, but then people everywhere can be a bit dotty).

and this is why smileys will never replace text. Use your words man!

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