Singer Smart Scissors?

I just saw an ad for these on TV. OMIGOD I NEED THEM!!!

They’re electric scissors… and they look so cool!

So does anyone have them and know of some horrible failing, like they suck or something?

Haven’t seen the ad, but am now curious… how would electric scissors work? And why would you need them to be electric?

(“Would they save you the trouble of using your thumb and forefinger, or something?” he says, jokingly, which means it will probably end up being true…)

they go up and down really fast, so you just cruise along zzzzssshhhhhinggggg! Really fast and direct and smooth.

I remember some kind of electric sewing scissors from way back when I was jes’ a li’l tyke. I don’t know about the new kind, but the old ones were pretty good at chewing up Barbie doll hair.

I am scissors impaired–can’t cut straight to save my life, chew up edges (even with paper!), it hurts my thumb, etc. I’ve gone through life avoiding activities that require scissors. If this thing worked, it could change my life–maybe I could be artsy-crafty!

Nah, I still have that problem with glue . . .

And I’m still wondering who that Marybeth Hoyt is!