Singing after a shower

For some reason, I seem to sing much better in the hour or two after taking a shower. I have a pretty awful voice, but it becomes much less awful afterwards. Does anyone else find that this happens? Am I just imagining it? If not, what causes it?

After a shower? Never heard that one before. :dubious:

If I accepted it at face value though, I can offer a few possibilities as to why.

[li]You were singing in the shower, and that served as a “warm-up.”[/li][li]You rinsed/gargled with the warm water.[/li][li]The steamed opened up your sinuses, giving you more air capacity and better support.[/li][li]Do you brush your teeth in the shower? I do. A really deep tongue scraping might fix your intonation![/li][/ol]

That’s about all I got, and they’re all kinda stretchy to begin with. :smiley:

Maybe your vocal cords become more supple from all the steam and mist from your shower.

Taking a shower kind of relaxes my mind as well. In my apartment the music room is next to the bathroom and before I had kids I used to sit down on my way out of the bathroom and a couple hours later I’d have a piece of music. It just loosens things up I guess.

I think this may have something to do with it actually. I find that I can breathe noticeably better for a while after taking a shower.

This could also be a factor. My voice doesn’t seem to “crack” as much, and I wonder if it does have something to do with sustained moisture to the whole vocal apparatus…

Thanks for your input, guys.

Windwalker, both of the items that you quoted above are things that my singing teacher has said improve the voice. Also, believe it or not, sometimes sitting makes the voice better in certain ways. Sitting puts a little bit of support under the diaphragm, which can help with breath control. I think this last would only help if you suffer from certain kinds of singing difficulties (I suffer from them all…and when I practice at home, my husband does, too.)

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Vocal chords are one of the hardest things to keep hydrated, and this is why singers tend to keep a lot of water by them. It is well known that properly hydrated vocal chords sound better. In fact, some singers will take drugs that increase mucus, which helps retain the moisture in the chords.