Singing with a piano, sort of; this is mind bending.

I was looking for some sheet music and I came across this:

Dont Stop Me Now(with words)

Link opens a site with sheet music and a MIDI player, it just plays the notes in the score, there is no recording of any voice or instrument.

Is it just in my head or can you actually hear the voice of Freddy Mercury among the cacophony? :eek:

Yes, it’s just in your head.

What does happen, I imagine, is that when listening to that mess, we focus really hard on singing along in our heads, and listening for the melody/rhythm. When we can align our internal Freddy to the melody in that recording, it connects in a way that might feel to some like hearing his voice.

Let me stop you right there.

I am a huge Queen fan, but I have a phenomenal knack for not being able to remember lyrics or songs. My children upon hearing a song once can sing along better the second time than the 100s of times I’ve listened to most Queen songs. So I believe I am in a unique position to lend my voice here. It is truly in your head- the only parts where I get a true hint of a voice are at the (high) sustained notes at the end of a phrase. It is not clear enough to me during the other parts to assign a lyric to the words.

Perhaps a way to test it for yourself is to jump forward or backward randomly to a new section and see how long it takes before Freddie comes back into your head?

I was thinking this thread was going to be about something like this:

(A piano being used to mechanically reproduce a voice. While reading the words it’s “saying” you can make them out pretty well. That guidance is definitely needed though.)

What is the link in the OP exactly? Is it trying for the same kind of thing or something?

I wonder if this is similar: Bohemian Rhapsody, and I can hear the lyrics.

Yes, same thing, at around 3:55 it’s quite clear, you can hear the “Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go!”

It must be using some software that recreates the waveform a recording using a piano.

I can hear it. I just never realized that Roger Whittaker covered Bohemian Rhapsody.


OK. I’ll bite. How is this done? Because when I listen to the Bohemian Rhapsody one (not on Don’t Stop Me Now) I can hear the singing and, I guess I’m either overly-skeptical, a sucker, or both, but, it seems to me there is just a track down underneath of the actual singing–not just the MIDI piano.

Is there info anywhere on what this is all about? How it’s done, etc.?

Not only can I not really hear the vocal I can barely recognize that it is* Don’t Stop Me Now* or even music for that matter.

I didn’t look much into it on how is it done, however the first one I linked on is a MIDI file, MIDI files only contain the musical notes for a computer to play, there are no waveforms recorded so it can’t be that they sneaked the vocals under the key barrage.