Single Album Bands

There are a number of artists or groups that make one album and then promptly vanish from the face of the Earth.

In some cases, this is good, in some cases bad.

In particular, I would have liked to have seen more stuff from Shea Seeger or Junkster.

Any more examples of this, in either sense?

Do you mean artists that have one good album among a sea of mediocrity? Or just that made one album, period, then went away?

If the former, I’ll nominate Molly Hatchet.

Led Zepplin? :wink:

I mean one album and then nothing.

The Exploding Hearts were a very promising punk band from a few years back. They released one album (Guitar Romantic) independently that I just thought was awesome. They were in negotiations to sign a deal and then promptly crashed their van. Everyone but the drummer died.

I can beat a single album. The band “Laugh and Peace” made one song, released as a single that is probably the best rap song I’ve ever heard.

The Sex Pistols only made one proper album. The Modern Lovers only made one album before they lineup changed and they became Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.

I can think of many more examples of bands who should have only made one album.

Rockpile, as far as I know, made one album, Seconds of Pleasure. The band included Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, and the lineup recorded albums released as solo projects for those two, but only released the one album under the name Rockpile. I wish they had stayed together long enough to produce more material as a band.

The La’s had one wonderful self-titled album (which included the classic There She Goes) before they imploded. Such a shame.

Blind Faith

The United States Of America

Ooh, that’s a great album.

I’d say:

Derek and the Dominos’ Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

Kak. Nice little psychedelic group that recorded one fine album, then vanished.

Blood Sweat and Tears. At least, the original group fronted by Al Kooper: they fell apart after one superb album, but a few of the group managed to replace them with the David Clayton-Thomas version that we all know.

**Derek and the Dominoes. ** (There were two live albums after “Layla,” but one was never officially released).

Keith Moon. One of rock’s greatest drummers, he put out a solo album “Two Sides of the Moon” (the front cover showed his face; the back cover showed his . . . moon).

Attila. :wink: One of the worst albums in the history of rock, and it seems to be out of print despite the fact that this was the first effort by someone who became a major star: Billy Joel. Joel doesn’t even talk about this one, and even his biggest fans pretend it doesn’t exist.

4 Non Blondes released Bigger, Better, Faster, More which was an awesome album. Unfortunately, it was their only album. Lead singer Linda Perry is still fairly active in the music world but no more 4NB.

Thunderclap Newman

Man, you have great taste, Crotalus - I love Rockpile! Teacher, Teacher, along with Crawling from the Wreckage and so many others on that CD - great stuff.

One could argue for The Stone Roses - their eponymous album was revolutionary in the early 90’s - very influential in Britain, since it was poppy, guitar-oriented and the band was from Manchester - influencing folks like Oasis and all the other Brit-poppers. Brilliant stuff, but then they got tied up in contract disputes and their next album was held up for years. By the time it came out, they had faded a lot - nothing near their original profile.

Really too bad - one of those start-to-end great albums…

I must be completely misremembering 4 Non Blondles. I could have sworn they disbanded because a key member had died. :confused: No mention of anything like that on Wikipedia (nor any mention of such a rumor) so I must be way off.

As for the topic, I can think of several bands/singers who never lived up to their one big album, but I can’t conjure up anyone who gave up after one album.

The Right to be Italian by Holly and the Italians one great album and :: poof :: no more.

There’s a publicity shot of the Soft Boys with Robyn Hitchcock wearing a Tell that Girl to Shut Up T-shirt, I recon that’s a sound endorsement.

There is a Holly Beth Vincent solo album called “Holly and the Italians” which is also terrific but absolutely not the same band.

Deconstruction, with Chris Avery and Dave Navarro, is my favorite for sure. I wish Pandora had it.

Chagall Guevara: One great album (and a couple of other tracks) and that was all.