Single guys, how clean is your place?

Inspired by this Pit thread, I’ve started wondering if I’m a lot messier or a lot cleaner than other single men.

I keep my kitchen and bathroom darn near immaculate. I never leave food or food containers or used dishes just laying around. The rest of the place? Well, let’s just say it could use a good dusting. There are piles of books everywhere; reshelving only happens once a month or so. There are some toenail clippings residing near my chair, awaiting the next scheduled vacuuming. (Later today, by the way! :slight_smile: ) There is a pile of clothes that, albeit folded, are still resting on the side of the bed that I don’t use a week after being laundered. There is a very noticeable layer of dust on unused surfaces. (Dusting isn’t until next week.) The dining room table has enough flat space for food, drink, and a book or newpaper; the remainder is books, papers, mail, some stuff from work, and a fruit bowl which, alas, needs washing.


And I suppose there is no reason to restrict this to men. Single women are invited to reply also.

It isn’t too too horrible. But I am not a tidy man and never will be.

I recently spent several hours cleaning it up before I’d call a maid to come over because I was too embarassed to let professionals see it in the shape it was in. I’m a terrible awful not good veddy veddy bad housekeeper.

Well, let’s just say… Damn, I’m not sure I should even say this, but…

Anyway, I got laid a couple of weeks ago. The lady was having her period, but we didn’t let that stop us from getting it on. However, the bed sheets ended up somewhat stained. As in bloody.

OK, you say, no problem there, who cares about such things in the heat of the moment? However…

I still haven’t gotten around to changing them.

Am I a filthy pig or just a hopeless romantic? You be the judge.

(Heck, I’m changing them now. Right now. Yeah. I’ll just go over there and do it. I’ll just finish my cup of tea first… and read just a couple of threads… but then I’m doing it. Really.)

When I was young, one of my ambitions was never to have to do housework.

Now I employ a cleaning lady. :cool:

I like it to be pretty clean.

I’ll do some light spraying of surfaces and wiping them with a paper towel from time to time. Oh, I also vacuum. But besides that, I’m not much into getting on my hands and knees and doing a whole big scrubdown - so I hire a maid every couple of months to do that for me - she rules.


What an odd concept.

No, seriously, its reasonably tidy, I just don’t vacuum as much as I should. With two cats, this can get unsightly.

I have a couple piles of papers on the floor next to my bed that should have been cleaned up several months ago. Other than that, there’s nothing too outrageous about the condition of my apartment. I clean the bathroom thoroughly about once a month, wash the windows perhaps once every two months, and vacuum the rugs about once a month. I am reasonably neat and clean in the kitchen; counters are wiped every day, as is the stovetop, and the floor gets cleaned once a week. I probably should clean up my refridgerator more often.

It’s untidy in places and the kitchen could use a bit of work, but it’s not too bad. In other words, I could have the place clean in a couple hours for company, if needed. What I really need is a couple more bookshelves for storage space so I can get some of these boxes out of here. If I was more likely to have other “company” I’d definitely keep it cleaner than I do now.

I made sure the bathroom was clean today because there’s a plumber coming tomorrow to finally replace my toilet and I’m not gonna make a guy work on or around a dirty toilet/floor.

Ew! :eek: That’s gross!
I’m fairly clean. Everything is picked up, but I it’s been a week since I dusted and vacuumed, and it’s time. Kitchen counters are wiped down when I use them (pretty much daily), and the whole house gets a thorough cleaning (cupboards, oven, fridge, garage, etc.) quarterly. But the thing I hate most: laundry. I put that off as long as possible.

Years ago I helped my best friend (then boyfriend, in fact) move into a new apartment. The day he moved he did the customary thing of ordering pizza for the friends helping him. What was left over he put into the mini-fridge in the place. He moved out at the end of his lease six months later and I helped him move out. The pizza was still in the refrigerator. He also had a jar of olives on the back of his toilet that I don’t even want to think about. Between the two of us we singlehandedly disprove the stereotype of gay men as neat freaks.

Clean but untidy.

I’m not a ‘wash up as you go’ person though. If I have just finished a big meal and have a full belly, the last thing I want to do is go into the kitchen to wash up. I want to sit down and relax. So you’ll sometimes see dirty plates in my sink overnight. Apart from that, it’s clean.

Generally? It stays pretty clean on a day to day basis unless things get crazy… But once every week or two I put some time into really straightening it up…

Am I anal-retentive? Perhaps :wink: But I can’t relax if my area is filthy.

I’m not single anymore, but when I was the place was kept very tidy… though it could have used more dusting. I just found that in the long run it was less work than having to do periodic marathons. I also wanted the freedom to bring someone home or invite people over at any time an not have to worry about it.

My first wife (before the singlehood described in the last paragraph) was a complete pig, so I may have been overreacting/overcompensating.

You’re a filthy pig, unless you’re so in love that you’re planning on bronzing the red spot. What worries me is when folks like you stay at the Holiday Inn and do it on the bedspread. :eek: :smiley:

Sorry, that is most definitely gross. If I spill soda on my bed, sheets get washed ASAP. If I ever got a protein based stain on them, most definitely washed faster than ASAP.

The kitchen’s immaculate. Everything else is a sty.


All tho’ the older I get it seems the more tidy a person I’m becomming. These past few years I’ve gotten real anal about keeping my bathroom clean.

This “tidyness habbit” may also be a result of being tired of hearing my cleaning lady tell me what a filthy bastard I am too.

In Banana’s defense, I once dated a guy and had a similar staining experience. Didn’t see him for a few weeks and returned to find the same sheets still on the bed, he’s certainly not alone. It’s not as if that’s the only possible protein gets leaked on sheets, do y’all change them each time you get laid?

I’d be a total slob if I thought I could get away with it. The dishes are done in a timely manner, including cleaning the range and counters, but the floor’s nearly a HAZMAT site. I keep the living room tidily picked up, but dusting and vacuuming happen only when there’s going to be company to notice. My computer desk has had the same leaning piles of stuff on it for months. Bathrooms get cleaned fairly regularly, again except for floors, I hate sweeping and mopping and swiffering and such.