Single hole vanity top

I really want a stylish faucet I found however, it requires a single hole vanity top. Does anyone know how much more a single hole vanity costs than a three hole vanity?

I went to Lowes and Home Depot and neither one had a single hole vanity top in stock, and they can't find out any prices on special orders untill Monday.  Thanks for all of your input!

If the type of vanity top you’re considering is HPL or SS, my fabricators charge the same amount, as it’s determined by lineal foot of counter, whether endcaps are applied, and whether the customer has picked a stock or special laminate/SS pattern.

Should you be considering a cultured marble top with integral basin, they might upcharge you a bit, but it wouldn’t be much-at least not from the outfit that does my faux marble tops.

Yet one other option is to use a standard three hole, installing liquid soap and hand lotion dispensers in the extra holes. That’s what I offer customers when replacing a kitchen faucet that had a side sprayer with one of the pull-out style spray spouts. Or you could buy two “hole blanks” in a finish which matches the single hole faucet to close the unused openings.

Or, you could go buy the raw materials and fabricate your own countertop, putting the hole(s) right where you want them, and gain bragging rights about the finished job. :smiley: