Single vs. double curb ramps at crosswalks

In LA, most of the curb ramps at crosswalks are the kind where both directions share a ramp. This means that if someone has a stroller or is on a bike, the angle of the ramp sends them diagonally to the intersection. For example, if they are trying to go north from the southeast corner and are using the ramp, they have to go northwest first, before straightening out. This forces the person a little bit more into the line of northbound traffic, and frankly, it scares me every time I see it.

I’m more familiar with curb ramps that are lined up with the crosswalk in only one direction, so each corner hastwo curb ramps instead of one.

My husband and I have talked about it and we figure that it might be cheaper to have only one curb ramp, but maybe there are other reasons, too?

Pretty sure most if not all of our curb cuts (that’s what I know them as) at corners are one slope going all the way around the corner.

One reason I can think of is that it would be safer if the curb cut is hidden by rain or snow (*&^&**@!!! I hate winter! *&%&!). If from past experience I know the curb cut is there there is much less chance of only half hitting the cut and tipping over in my scooter or wheelchair if the cut goes all the way around.

We live on a corner, and only have one curb ramp, but it’s only for N/S traffic. Going E/W there is no curb cut.

I could see that, in general. Here in Los Angeles, though, I don’t think either rain or snow is a big concern!

The corner ramp (or layover) is to save costs… its wrong for many reasons.
There is no benefit to it.

maybe they were installed on contract : “For tender to the cheapest quote: install ramps at 50 intersections”.