Sinners Unhappy With Pope Choice!

Story from the Grand Forks Herald:

I think Billy Joel’s abilities as a prophet are underrated; the Sinners are much more fun! :slight_smile:

From the article linked above:

“He’s been a harsh advocate of birth control and more traditional views of some churchmen, and certainly very outspoken against married clergy and women clergy.”

This quote makes it appear that the speaker (one of the Sinners) thinks the word ‘advocate’ means ‘opponent.’

Ah, those Sinners. They get stuff backwards. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”

From the article

I just found out last night that it was the new Pope that encouraged bishops and priests to withhold communion for political candidates who supported abortion rights. Maybe that was not of his own choosing.

You know, I really think I would have to change my name…