Siphoning for profit

Yes I was trying to avoid having turtles all the way down, not your link describing amorphous ice which can be produced if you can cool it fast enough to some where below -200F.

Here is a quick video showing super heated water converting to steam with the addition of a material which provides a nucleation site (don’t microwave distilled water kids)

I thought I had contributed to this discussion last time around, but I can’t find it?? Whatever. Just to note, for those interested, that there was a big internet discussion of the issue in 2011 perciptated by an “Australian Physicist” who was reported as claiming that all the encyclopedias had got it wrong, (and he was the only one who was getting it right). Summary here and easy UH paper here: (neither as technical as the discussion here on SDMB

I wish I had all that elaborate lab equipment in MY kitchen.