Sirius in Mexico

I asked this once in this thread, but since I’ve come across new information. Does anyone have first hand knowlege if a US registered Sirius radio works in Cabo (the tip of Baja)? I’d rather not risk importing my receiver to Mexico if it’s not going to work anyway.

Sure, it will work. You’d have to go pretty far south in Mexico to not get a steady signal. You’d have to go to South America to not get much of a signal at all.

Howard Stern was talking about this one day. It seems a friend went to Mexico and had no problem. I’m getting the 'Mercan feed in the Middle of BC, Canada, so it shouldn’t be too much farther geographically to Baja.

The Sirius satellites’ orbit goes as far south as the middle of South America, so I’d say you’d have no problem.

XM’s satellite footprint probably covers that far into Mexico, since I’ve seen reports of people on Caribbean cruises being able to use their MyFis with external antennas.