Sirius satellite radio antenna annoyance, how should I adjust it?

I bought one of the siruis satellite radio indoor antennas so I can listen at home. I’ve been overly annoyed by the reception. I’d say 60% of the time, the receiver reads ‘acquiring signal’
This is odd because in my car, it works just fine, 100% of the time.

Am I missing something here? Is this antenna just a piece of junk or is there a trick?
Does anyone else have these problems? How is it resolved?

I have the same issue. I’d sure like to know what the deal is, since it’s got a clear path to the sky.

The antenna is most likely not catching the satellite. Unlike the XM satellites, which are in a geosynchronous orbit and thus can be roughly aimed by pointing towards Texas, the Sirius satellites are in an elliptical orbit. Antenna aiming must therefore be more precise to catch the Sirius satellites. Trying following these tips and see if it helps.