Siskel & Ebert & Roeper- Oh My! Classic Reviews Online

Disney has recently put the entire archive of At The Movies With Siskel & Ebert and Ebert & Roeper At The Movies online. It’s interesting to go through and see what Ebert and his cohort(s) thought about various films. And sometimes even the crappiest film has a comment attached to it that is intriguing- such as the one that is now my sig. Who would have thought that Gene Siskel offhandedly predicted Disney and Pixar’s success while commenting on a Disney-produced film that its own star recently referred to as “a fuckin’ nightmare?”

Their review of Patch Adams is hilarious, yet poignant since a short time later, Siskel’s brain tumor would send him into terminal care. I hope his doctors were all serious and respectful and none of them tap-danced with bedpans on their feet.

They’re way off on Death to Smoochy, though.

Damn…Cop and a 1/2 is nowhere to be found. Roger gave it a positive review while Gene (and everyone else in the known universe) put it on their worst of the year (or decade) list.

It’s Cop and ½ (use alt+0189 for the ½).

I just watched the review for Pulp Fiction, from Oct. 1994, and it might be my imagination, but it seemed as if Siskel was slurring his speech just a bit, especially compared with his crisp delivery 10 months earlier in the Schindler’s List review. But he didn’t have the operation for the brain tumor until 1999. Was he showing symptoms, or indeed aware of his condition, that early on?

He was looking pretty horrible for a long time before his death. I can remember watching an episode from the mid-90s and my parents wondering if he had AIDS.

Ah! Thanks. Classic. :smiley:

“Where’s the big red suit and beard, Santa? You just gave them a great gift!”

Thanks for ruining my afternoon, mobo. :smiley:

The classic review of North