Sitcoms with laugh tracks that are actually funny

I think most reasonable people can agree that putting a laugh track on a lousy sitcom doesn’t make it any funnier. But I’m sure the same people can also agree that there have been some sitcoms with laugh tracks that were consistantly funny.

So here’s the game. Which sitcoms with laugh tracks have made you laugh on a regular basis? The occasional chuckle doesn’t count, and if it doesn’t have a laugh track it doesn’t count either (so no Arrested Development or The Simpsons). My list includes, but is not limited to:

Married…with Children
The Cosby Show
Herman’s Head
Spin City

If you’re having trouble thinking of it, you can go to

So what’s on your list?


The original Dick van Dyke Show



Dick Van Dyck
George Burns & Gracie Allen
2 1/2 Men
Doctor Doctor
The Duck Factory
The Bob Newhart Show

Yes, Minister

Though in Europe, it aired with no laugh track(as intended).

Buy or rent the DVDs and turn the laugh track off. It is much better.

You can actually turn off the laugh track in the DVDs? That’s pretty cool!

I was fairly sure that some of the shows listed here actually had life studio audiences: Cheers, The Cosby Show, and Roseanne in particular. (Maybe not Roseanne, but the first two in particular usually set the action in just one or two sets, and feels kinda stage-bound.)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air probably had a laugh track, and it was funny.

I’ve never watched MASH much, but I recently caught a few early episodes, and the laugh tracks are atrocious. They were so painfully, obviously fake it was distracting.

[sub]I’ll see myself out[/sub]

Just because they have a live studio audience doesn’t mean they don’t use a laugh track. If the audience didn’t laugh at what the writers/producers/directors thoguht was a god joke, in goe the laugh track. Hell, they might even just dub in a recording of the actual audience’s laughter from a previous joke, that way it still sounds like the same audience.

Ah, interesting. That might explain something I’ve always wondered about Seinfeld. A show that uses as many quick cuts and set as that one does has got to have some sort of laugh track, but the scenes in Jerry’s apartment and the diner appear to have a live studio audience of sorts. (Plus, I seem to remember in the build up to the final episode seeing shots of an audience watching.) So there must be some mix of live audience and laugh track there as well.

I can’t remember if Barney Miller had a laugh track or not*, but none of these shows come remotely close to matching it in laughs. Wittiest show ever, IMO. Particularly not Friends. Yuck. :slight_smile:

I never get to see it. They’ve only released one season on DVD, and altho I have it, I want more!

Night Court

Seinfeld. Cheers.

Both were good despite having a laugh track, not because of it. Laugh tracks suck.

Whenever I’ve watched this, I’ve felt like the laugh track was very quiet, somehow, not fake of full of hired laffers like other shows (Night Court had that one guy you could always hear). So it never bothered me much, like the laugh track was modulated to match the not-cartoony nature of the show.

Didn’t WKRP have a laugh track? I thought it was funny.

I have always said that you only notice laugh tracks on bad shows.

On really good shows, you never notice the laugh tracks because you are laughing along with the studio audience.

The one time where a laugh track added to a show was Married With Children.

The damn laugh track on that show was practically a character!

CBS execs wanted MAS*H to have a laugh track but Larry Gelbart and the other producers refused. Both sides reached a compromise, the end result of which was television’s first giggle track.

IIRC, the guy with the distinctive laugh on Night Court is the father of series creator Reinhold Weege.