Sites that open your browser uninvited

Ever updated a program, only for it to finish and promptly open a browser to their site so you can peruse the plethora of useless junk you don’t want, or need.

It is even worse in windows 10. No matter what browser I used to update or install the original program with it now opens “Edge” which isn’t even set as my default.

Is there any way to deny these “legitimate” sites access to my browser, blocking them from opening it or their site after the install is done.

Java would be a good example, opening after an update so you can verify the installation.
Adobe would be another, too much stuff won’t work without it, I make it beg to be allowed to run, this time, why can’t I keep control of my own PC? I certainly didn’t give you permission to open anything.

This has been a thing for a long time, and I have Googled my eyeballs crosswise a few times looking for an answer to the question.

How do I prevent any program, legit or not, from accessing and opening any browser and opening any page?

Use the custom install, not the default install.

Not sure how that works with Flash, Java yes, I do download the offline files.

Having said that, I looked it up and found myself needing to update Java. I used the offline version. When it was done, it opened Chrome.

I suppose I could start downloading all the Updates, then unplugging my modem.

When you allow an installer to run, you’re giving it permission to do pretty much anything it wants to your computer. You gave up “control of your PC” when you allowed the installer to run. If you don’t trust the installer, the fact that it opens a browser window is the least of your worries.

I can’t tell exactly what’s bothering you about this situation. Can’t you just close the window if you’re not interested in what it’s showing you?


“A program wants to make changes to your computer. Do you agree?” Say No, and you don’t get the download.

I want the download, I don’t want them to be opening my browser. I consider that very rude, if not an outright hijacking.

If you really want to, you can uninstall Edge:

And rename your actual browser to some other filename so other apps can’t find it. This will probably break updates, but that’s the price to pay.

But it’s probably easier just to close the browser once it opens. And why even install Java or Flash these days? Most sites support HTML5 anyway and, as you see, Java and Flash just give evil vendors the chance to bog your computer down with crap you don’t need.

markn+ nailed it. Your choice is limited to refusing to install software which has behaviors you don’t like. Plus maybe launching a social media campaign to shame the vendors into abandoning the behavior(s) you reject. Good luck getting any traction on your particular concerns though.


Actually you can probably foil this behavior without uninstalling browsers or renaming them.

The key is to break the connection between http:// and browsers. Essentially the installer is telling the OS “Open the file ‘’ please.” The OS does the work of figuring out which program does that, launching it, and passing it the info ‘’. If we break that connection then no browser will open.

The cure will probably be worse than the disease though. Forever after clicking on a url won’t open a browser.

If you’re willing to go that far we can dig into the registry a bit and see which tweaks hold out hope of making this stick.

Thank you, LSLGuy. I don’t find it that irritating that I want to dig around renaming files or ripping up my registry. I will just continue with closing the browser when it opens. I still find it intrusive regardless of what they put in the disclaimer.
Thanks again for an answer to the question.

Some programs will, immediately after installation, open a browser to download and install updates. The nice ones ask you first.