Skating w/ Celebrities 1/18

Well, I figured I had to see the 1st episode of this Fox show. I was impressed by Gillian Barberie’s attitude. Now I am rooting for her … & rooting for her not to break her neck!

Also, if you follow figure skating at all, you should see it just for the guy who ground off his toe pick so he could fall back on his ice-hockey reflexes.

I absolutely LOATHE Jillian Barberie. . . but I have to hand it to her. She did a nice job tonight. And she didn’t even look like a tart! Amazing!

Loved the Blues Brothers act with Nancy Kerrigan and Dave Coulier. Who knew Nancy Kerrigan could have that kind of wacky personality?

I expected to hate this show. . . but I really did enjoy it. But as a lead-in to 24??? Only on FOX!!!

Cheesy as hell, but I loved it! I thought Nancy and Dave were fun to watch. I can’t imagine trying to do this pretty much starting from scratch like Todd Bridges and Debbie Gibson.

Sir John is shaping up to be this show’s Simon.

Interresting how the audience boo him incessantly, and…any of the judges who give less than an 8.0. >_>

Nice to see that only one of the 3 pairs I’m rooting for (Gibson/Browning, Coulier/Kerrigan and Bridges/Mero) is in any danger of being eliminated next time. Unless they really badly botch their routine, anyway.

I totally agree about Jillian Barberie – LOATHE her! But she was fearless, amazing and graceful on that ice. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Blues Brothers act was a hoot, and it’s what finally brought my husband in from the other room – that’s his favorite movie. Not only did he laugh and thoroughly enjoy that routine, it made him want to go back and watch all the rest of the routines, and he had to admit that he really, really enjoyed this show.

I felt really bad for Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler. I thought they were beautiful together and was almost as impressed with her as I was with Jillian. This team really should be in 2nd place, and instead they’re last??! Kerrigan and Coulier were entertaining and hilarious, but he didn’t even skate! He just ran around on the ice or was dragged across it by her.

Kudos and hats off to Bruce Jenner. He’s such a huge, lumbering oaf, but damn he tackled this thing like a gentleman and a pro. He was adorable out there.

And John Nicks is an ass and an idiot. He’s trying too hard to be the Simon Cowell of this show and it comes across as just nasty for the sake of being nasty and mimicking a gimmick, rather than honest critique, which, brash as he is, is certainly true of Simon Cowell. It feels too rehearsed or something.

What movie was Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble With Love Is” from? Did anyone else think that particular music “choice” wasn’t quite a “choice,” but more of a promotional placement?

I really enjoyed this show. I’m surprised at the caliber of skaters they recruited and how well the celebrities did, especially the ones without any prior skating experience. I can’t wait to see them as the technical elements get more difficult.

I like this show, but it brought back what I hate about figure skating.

I liked Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler’s routine a lot, but they lost points because the judges “expected more from him”.

First off he is skating with an amateur so the fact that he could do any lifts without her freaking out are pretty good, and secondly their was at least as good if not better than Kurt Browning’s (I love him but it wasn’t very good) and Bruce Jenner’s.

Secondly, the scoring should be more standardized (as s the complaint at most skating comps).

Bugged me.

The song was from Love Actually.

Kristy and Lloyd should’ve scored higher. I don’t know why they weren’t.