Skeptic vs Sceptic

Technically, as I am from the colonies and speak in UK/AU/NZ English, my spelling should reflect that. 99.99% of it does, I’m good at spelling, always have been, and am careful to use my region’s. In fact I get upset when I am forced to use American spelling for something, like for HTML.

But I am so used to seeing the word skeptic that to spell it the “correct” British way as sceptic just looks all kind of wrong to me.

I also get confused by when to use “-ize” or “-ise” as there seems to be no logical consistency, but that’s another rant.

Anyway, my GQ is this: Which spelling should I really use? The popular American way that looks right to me, or the less popular British way which I never see anywhere so looks wrong?

Even the New Zealand Skeptic Society uses the US spelling - to avoid being confused with the Septic Society according to an old *Listener *aritcle.

I’m like you, waffling between US and UK spelling (sometimes within a sentence, let alone within a post.)

I say, go with whatever you’re comfy with.

Hell, you spell it “labour” but have a “Labor Party.” Spell it however you want, I doubt anyone would be confused. Sceptic is one of those British spellings that just look odd to me, along with “licence.”

Well, spelling it however I want isn’t really how things ought to be. It would just lead to chaos, death, and destruction. And possibly grimacing English majors.

No mystery there