Skinheads & unacceptable hairstyles in central Europe

I have a mohawk (but dress like an indie rocker, not a punk), and I’m going to central Europe in a few weeks (Munich, Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest)… I have the impression that there is more of a skinhead problem around there (than in Canada), so I’m wondering if anyone knows what kinds of hairstyles will get you taken for a racist or other kind of knob.

I also get the idea that they expect all sorts of tourists, but who knows.

No really, who knows? :slight_smile:

Lived in Prague for a couple of years; your mohawk won’t identify you as a racist (the opposite, probably) and you probably won’t get as much of a reaction either way there as you would in Canada. On the other hand, it will get you noticed, and occassionally you won’t want to be noticed and then subsequently fingered as a cizinec (foreigner), e.g. tram full of skinheads. Just watch your surroundings, look like you know where you’re going, and you’ll be fine. Prauge ex-pat Doper Tomcat might be along directly to tell you more.

Just remembered: I actually shaved my head briefly while I was there, and wasn’t ever mistaken for a skinhead to my knowledge. Skinheads also have a certain style of dress and air of menace in addition to the baldness.

I’ve vacation in the Czech Republic each year and shaved heads are now somewhat common over there. However I don’t recall seeing many mohawks (maybe one or two people) but keep in mind alot of the soccer players usually shave their heads.

Thanks guys! I never held out on any hope that I would blend in, for the simple fact that I refuse to wear long pants in early September. I’d probably rather stick out as a unique tourist than as an Average Dumb Tourist, even with the possibility of being scapegoated a bit.

Any other comments/experience, anyone?

Hi Karma,

I don’t think you should worry about being mistaken for a skinhead in Germany. However you should probably be aware of the risks of attracting the attention of the skinheads.

Skinheads don’t like punks ( and your description of yourself fits their cliche of punkl). Punks come a close second to various ethnic minorities on skinhead hitlists. I don’t want to scare you off but you need to be aware of the problem

have fun

pony =;^)