Skins game

Have you seen Scottish women? Or their wonderful food? Mmmmmm, haggis!
Can’t blame them for opting for a round of golf!

Welcome to the SDMB. A link to the Staff Report is appreciated. It is What’s the origin of a “skins game” in golf?

But I think there might be a few Scottish people around to dispute your statements. Personally I find Scottish women to be quite tasty, and Scottish food to be quite good looking. I don’t care for golf, though.

waiting for one of our fine Scottish lasses to come in, so fracrat will realize the magnitude of his error…

I agree with you about haggis, though. I don’t like oatmeal, either, even if it is mixed up with tasty meats.

As a Califorian I must tell you that gambling is perfectly OK here as long as you are on a Native American Reservation. You can have your “Skins Game” at any golf course that is on a reservation. I don’t recomend bringing any furs or pelts, though.

Scottish here on both sides. Clan MacGregor. You don’t know what you’re missing.

I assume that “Tom Robinson” is the golfcourse architect that I get when searching for his name on “Google.” And I’m sure he know much about golf. If I don’t know his name, and he is in the golf hall of fame, for this I’m truly embarassed.

After reading his fanciful explanation of the origin of “skins” as a golf term, we are left waiting for the “real” SDAB member to provide us with the etymology.

I can only offer the term skin game as reported by Mathews in Dictionary of American Slang. The term goes back to the 1860’s in US slang, and refers to a game of chance where the players have little chance against the house. How this could have permutated into today’s golf game, I haven’t a clue. Perhaps they aren’t connected.

Can anyone connected to the SD offer a cite in print as relates to golf, prior to say, the 1960’s?

If I have missed something here, and made a fool of myself(again), well, it was a great bottle of wine.

PS :::visualizing JILL in plaid undies:::

samclem, why you would picture any Scot as wearing undies, is a mystery to me.
History of golf at St. Andrews going back 600 years.

I would propose that this site answers the question of the origin of “skins” game with a bit more logic.

While I have yet to examine each assertion that Mr. Wright makes, he and I have a similar suspicion about the origin.

Is that front and back? (Sorry, couldn’t resist).