SkittleBrau: bad idea, or *terrible* idea?

So I dabble in malt extract-based homebrewing, but am quite novice still; inspired by today’s Weird Earl link, it crossed my mind that one could actually make SkittleBrau-- brewers, any advice? Best style to work within? Something bitter, sour, or sweet? Should the Skittles be dissolved in with the wort replacing some amount of malt extract, or might it better be introduced later on at bottle priming? Is there any possibility that the resulting brew would be okay, or, dare to dream, even tasty? Who would dare to find out?

Having made exactly one batch of my own beer, I must say this sounds absolutely horrible!:slight_smile:

Let us know what happens

You’re adding sugar and citric acid, more than anything else. I wouldn’t try it, myself.

Worst case scenario: It tastes like crap, you pour it down the drain and lose 15 bucks worth of ingredients.

A guy on the Northern Brewer board made some ale and was talking to his brother about “feeding the yeastie beasties” with sugar. His daughter overheard this and dumped her bag of red-hots in the fermenter without dad’s knowledge. He said it tuned out ok. His wife even liked it and she doesn’t drink beer.

I tried the 5,000 year old recipe for Sumerian beer in one of Charlie Papazian’s books. It smelled like feet 'n ass. I poured it out in the back yard.

Just go for it dude.