Skunk 1, Encinitas 0

At 5am yesterday morning, just as I was about to let the cats and dogs out for their morning constitutionals, I spotted a skunk on my patio. So, wise person that I am, I told the pets they had to wait an hour until “Flower” left the vicinity.

You’d think that since I already knew that there was a skunk frequenting my yard at 5am that I would take precautions the very next morning. You’d think that wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be dead wrong. My dog scratched at the door wanting out this morning and I happily opened it for her. 5 minutes later I was bathing her with Skunk Stink Remover[sup]TM[/sup]. A fine product but you can never get all the stink out. Now the smell is up my nose and everything smells a little skunky.:frowning: :smack:

You don’t happen to live near La Jolla, and have a dog named Toby and a cat named Parrot, do you?

Oh dear! I hear if you douse everything in your home with tomato puree that’ll do the trick. I hope you have red carpeting. :slight_smile:

Is it really bad, or just sort of bad? On a scale of 1 to 10.

No lno, my dogs are Whiskey (now Stinky) and Buddy and the cats are Londo, G’Kar and Sammy (should’a been Vir, but I didn’t name him). And alas, my skunk is of the middle-class Encinitas variety and not the hoity-toidy La Jolla variety.

Eonwe, I’m not sure others can detect the smell on me (I’m at work) and there have been no complaints. However, the smell is stuck in my nose so I smell it everywhere (maybe a 1). At home I suspect the smell still lingers (maybe a 3). I left the wet dog wrapped in a towel on my bed so I imagine the bedding will need changing tonight.



The bedding will definitely need changing.

However, do an internet search for skunk scent remover - that’s what Mom & Dad did when Nana took the skunk spray dead in the face, and they found something that worked really well. With one caveat.

It uses Hydrogen Peroxide as one of the ingredients. So you will be “bleaching” your dog a bit.

Oh, **Encinitas, ** you’re a Babylon 5 fan! The next time I get a cat(I have two I love now, so may it be a long time) I want to name it/them Garibaldi and Spoo.

How long do you think it will be before the smell goes away?

Baker I pray to G’Kwan and the Great Maker that the smell will be completely gone in a day or two, once I wash all the bedding & towels & clothes involved. SisterCoyote, I do have some excellent de-stinker which I used on the dog. The label cautioned to keep it out of the eyes. Unfortunately, Whiskey was sprayed right in the face so I may need to do a more detailed application tonight when I get home. I will have to read the label to see if I can use it on the laundry.

I too considered the name Garibaldi for my latest cat (Sammy) but I found it hard to shout at the top of my lungs when calling him in at night. I guess I could’a called him Gary but that just didn’t seem right. By the time I thought of Vir it was too late. If I had females they of course would be Delenn and Ivanova. I hadn’t thought of Spoo, excellent choice!