Skype I'm getting calls and contact requests Help!

I installed the Skype app on my Droid last night. Since then I’ve gotten 3 contact requests and 3 calls from strangers. I denied the contact requests and didn’t answer the calls.

What can I do to secure Skype from these strangers finding me?

I used Skype on my laptop in 2014. Took music lessons. I never had this happen. The only calls I got were expected. I didn’t use Skype at all last year (2015).

I can’t handle this attack. How are these people finding me? All within 15 hours of installing Skype on my phone.

Oh, the contact requests were different people than the caller’s.

Six people found this phone in 15 hours. :frowning:

Uninstall it until you learn how to set it so this doesn’t happen to you again. Start w/ the Skype FAQs.

Why does it install completely unsecured? I shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time reading and securing it myself.
I probably will delete it off my phone. My laptop version is set to turn off when I close the software. It’s impossible for anyone to call until I start the software manually.

Why? B/c when something is free to download the user has most of the responsibility.

Have you tried breathing exercises? Control your breathing, think calming thoughts, that sorta thing?

You ever see a Droid phone signal a Skype call? It nearly vibrates itself off the table and alarms. You can hear it two rooms away.

I finally found a setting that blocks calls from people that aren’t on my contact list. That shut off the spammers.

I’m very unimpressed with this App. All I wanted was to make a couple video calls a month to family. Not invite in the whole spammer world.

Video calls are a great way of connecting with family. My daughter has been in South Dakota visiting my dad’s family. I haven’t seen her in a couple months. We had phone calls but actually seeing her really brightened my day.

It’ll be even better after I have grandkids. Great way to see watch them grow up, even if they are in another state.

Yes. Skyperventilation will only make things worse.

Never messed with Skype so I’m almost completely in the dark. I know what it is and what it does of course. But what kind of scams are they trying to run? Are the Nigerian princes making personal calls now?

I didn’t answer any of the unsolicited Skype calls. I’d guess it’s the same pitches you get on a land line. I no longer answer my phone unless I recognize who is calling. Thank you caller ID.

The emails, add me to your contact list freaked me out the most. How they found me within a few hours is a mystery. They finally stopped coming after a few days.

They weren’t **looking **for you. They didn’t **find **you. A computer program that emails millions of potential addresses reached you by statistical chance.
The phone rang in such a frightening manner as it did b/c either YOU set it to do so or after downloading the free Skype app you did not go and check to see what settings it had made in your phone. When you take a free thing be advised it will try to make money off you some way, that’s how Facebook and Google and every other service it is free for you to use works - if you don’t pay for it you are what is for sale. Your attention and information are what they sell to advertisers, legit and shady in order to make money. They are capitalists, they don’t give you a free thing out of the goodness of their hearts and it would be silly to accept their free thing and not know you need to be on guard for how they’ll profit from you.
When you Skype w/ your daughter Skype is gathering information from both of you and your devices to sell to other parties. Skype is listening and taking careful notes and will get their money’s worth from your using their free app.