Skype question

I think I have this figured out, but am not certain. I will be visiting Aruba. Using Skype I can talk to any computer anywhere in the world for free. What I am uncertain about is the Skype $14.95 service permitting unlimited calls to a U.S. phone. If I subscribe to this, and I am in Aruba, will this pay service allow me to call any U.S. phone for free (other than the sign up fee) or will international rates somehow apply.

Skype’s policy requires you to be connected to the Internet from within the US to be eligible to call US phone numbers for free. I know that Skype users in India cannot call US numbers for free (SkypeOut charges apply). I would expect it to be the same case for Aruba. Skype to Skype calls are always free.

Look into vonage. Once you are set up with them, you can buy a thumbdrive with the software on it. You just plug it into a USB port on ANY computer and plug a headset into the usb drive and you are good to go.

Also, if you use the cordless phone from Vonage you can take that with you and plug it into any Router/Modem ethernet port.

It seems as though the startup costs for Vonage are fairly high for being able to communicate during a one week vacation.