Skyrim Special Edition first playthough

No, not an upgrade. If you wanted to learn, in this case, the fire enchantment, all you have to do is be willing to destroy the axe of whiterun. Take it to an enchanting workbench, it’l ask if you want to destroy the weapon and in so doing learn its enchantment, and you say yes.
Now you lose that weapon, but have the ability to put that enchantment on other items. All you need now is a filled soul gem to enchant the new item.

Upgrading a magic item is more like taking the axe of whiterun to a grinding wheel and making it do more damage. You need a perk for that. But (most?) any enchanted item that you’d like to destroy will grant you the enchantment to use elsewhere.

I think I have a couple filled soul gems. What I need to find is an enchanting workbench. But first I need some fun, so after an endless struggle clearing out inventory I’ll heading back to that ore mine bandit encampment.

(Seriously, I am struggling to deal with inventory. Also can’t figure out how to make Lydia equip stuff, but I’ll go google that now while I smoke.)

Question: is there a high fantasy mod, where you fight the likes of nagas, genies, minotaurs, treants, and hydras, vs. the bandits, wildlife, and various low level undead?

The mage at Dragonsreach has an enchanter’s workbench that you’re free to use. Have fun!
(Any that you run into in the wild are also free to use.)

Prior to saving the cash for building the home of your dreams (so you can have all crafting areas in one place) I always take over Anise’s Cabin - the cellar has non-respawning storage, and BOTH an alchemy lab and enchanting table.

Well that quest was underwhelming. It’s like one hallway and one room. Boss man was pretty tough, but there were only four mobs in the entire thing including the boss.

So I’m back at the city with a crap ton of ore, the transmutation spell, and apparently a free to use enchantment altar up at the castle. Sweet.

Oh also I did a couple of the fetch quests, but since quests don’t give experience I didn’t see the point. I need to find some substantial dungeons to crawl.

Almost lost Lydia in the wilderness. Told her to wait while I snuck up on what looked like giants. They were indeed giants, and when I snuck up and power moved one of them in the back they proceeded to eat my lunch. Then after reloading while I was still sneaking in the shadows, I ran away in fear but it took me like 10 solid minutes to find where I left Lydia parked in the wilderness. I’m going to have to start making a mental note of where I park her.

Stranded companions will eventuality wander back to their place of origin, so Lydia after a couple of in-game days abandoned will make her way back to Whiterun.


Would be your best bet.

Easier said than done. It would appear that filled soul gems are the main constraint. Googling doesn’t seem to reveal any good options for acquiring filled soul gems at level 7, so I guess I’ll cheese a bunch of gold and try and find them at vendors. Since I’m a thane I can just take anything I want from the castle, sell it at vendors and then wait for the stuff to respawn at the castle.

I’m finding all the combat skills level naturally and intuitively as you use them, which is great, but the crafting skills are super awkward and have weird gating systems in place. It’s pretty frustrating.

I recently started a new playthrough of Morrowind, which IMO has the best setting and story and lore of any of the Elder Scrolls games, and I’m rediscovering just how awkward grinding skills is and how combat is just button-mashing, and how great the temptation is to break the game by abusing any number of mechanics in ways that subsequent games didn’t allow. If there was a conversion of Morrowind in the Skyrim engine it’d be perfection.

Starting to get a handle on it. Transmuting iron ore is tedious, but each one ends up being 25 gold. (2 iron = 2 gold = 1 ingot = 2 rings @ 25 each.) The vendor in the original starting village had a half dozen filled soul gems of varying power, so I’m in the process of buying them all. I should be going to sleep but noooooo, I gotta level my crafting…

I did try making amethyst and garnet silver jewelry, but it’s way more profitable to sell the gems individually in the context of this cheesy (and tedious) mechanic.

One simple trick to make melee combat way more fun: cook a bunch of soups and eat one when you get into a fight.

The constant stamina regen means that you have infinite power attacks at your disposal.

Okay enchantment is the easy one to level. I peeled off the fire effect from the axe of whiterun and also some illusion bonus from a random hat. I ended up buying nine filled soul gems after all my golding, and crafting enchantments on the random weapons and armor I hadn’t sold yet gave me one level each craft. Enchantment is now around 29 I think, but even more importantly, it feels like a failure to sell random loot without enchanting it first. Crafting XP and it’s worth more money to sell? It would be a sin not to!

Potions were another story. I tasted one each of all my ingredients and combined the rest, but after running through a good amount of potions my alchemy skill got maybe half a level. That’s going to be hard to level.

Speaking of hard to level, how do you level armor skills? Should I stop blocking and let myself be hit? I don’t understand. The active skills I use are leveling naturally, with single weapon fighting in the low 30s and both blocking and sneaking in the high 20s. Light armor is lagging seriously behind, still in the low 20s, but I can’t really think of a way to work on that.

I’m also starting to wonder about the skill reincarnation mechanic. (Essentially the TR mechanic from DDO.) I do not want to reset a skill I actively use, but I also don’t want to level any other skills. If I wanted to use them on this build, they would be leveling naturally.

Potions are … unintuitive. The value (and thus skill increase) of the potion is based on NUMBER of effects, more than absolute magnitude of effects. Thus a 3 or 4 effect potion / poison will be worth vastly more than a single effect! So if you pick multiple ingredients with overlapping effects (and I’m leaving out some of the details) you’ll create something you’d probably never want to USE but will be valuable.

Example of my favorite leveling / cash grind potion is Creep Cluster + Mora Tapinella + Scaly Pholiota which if you build a home via Hearthfire, you can grow in your indoor garden and outdoor plot for free, but none of those ingredients are super expensive from the vendors. At lower levels, I’d be getting multiple skill ups from crafting one (!) and it would be worth hundreds of gold even at low levels of alchemy. This and others are all in the UESP I linked above.

As for Amor, yep, you need to get HIT to get skill ups, and ideally by heavier hits. Lots of small hits seem to produce fewer/slower level ups to armor skills. And going with light armor, you have a disadvantage in taking those hits until later in the game when the armor values between the two classes becomes less distinct as you’ll be armor capped anyway. Note, if you aren’t high enough in perks to benefit from the all light / all heavy armor, you can mix and match in order to level both skills at the same time!

Once you have a solid amount of HP and/or more potions than you can shake a stick at, letting a mammoth slap you around was the best I found (leveling up resto magic between hits), because there are too many options for giant launch which was another heavy hitter.

My advice with nearly 1k hours of play, is to, sadly, reset the skills that are easiest to level or you use the most. I generally end up resetting Alchemy repeatedly due to the ease of leveling, and enchantment maybe once or twice. Once you have good gear enchanted across the board, resetting enchanting and leveling it up again isn’t too terribly painful… especially if you get a reusable soul gem (hint hint).

Resetting weapons is a pain, but you’ll use it frequently enough to level it back up quickly, though those last points are always tough. And if you do it once you’re armor capped, you can basically tank anything while wailing away with a weapon and gaining multiple skill points per fight.

Resetting armor can be really painful though, because you’ll walk into a fight with OP armor expectations and get slapped around instead. You can do it, but it’s really easy to get overconfident.

But this is how you get the high perks, each time you reset a skill as legendary, you’ll get all of the perk points spent in that tree back, and earn new ones from the leveling up of the skill again. Don’t forget you’ll also level your speech organically by selling expensive potions / gear, and that buying the increased efficacy improves the value of the enchant or potion and thus it’s selling price.

Ah, good to know about potions, thanks much. Alchemy sounds appealing for legendary reset just by virtue of being able to stockpile the good stuff before resetting it.

Another possibility I might try is blocking. I envision that being particularly easy to re-level.

Another good method for mid/late-game legendary resets are alteration or illusion. With significantly enchanted gear, spell costs can be cut to literally nothing, and some of the master spells (like Detect Life in the middle of a well-populated city) are fantastic for insanely fast leveling. Though at that point, you can stomp everything in the game already.

Coincidentally, I started a new run through a couple weeks ago. I started with the stealth archer build and just loaded up on stamina for carrying my riches. I used A New Start mod to begin as a homeowner in Solitude (yay for saving 36k gold and having instant storage), and beelined to No Stone Unturned and the Thieves Guild. Needless to say, gold will never be an issue for me again.

Enchantment is running away with it, now my highest level skill in the low 40s. One handed fighting is mid-thirties and I did manage to just take the pain (ie: stand there and let enemies hit me) to level light armor and blocking up to around 30 each. Currently I’m struggling hard to get smithing up to 30 just so I can make some Elven stuff. I’m at 29.5.

I found the real exploit: you can reset a vendor (inventory and gold) by saving the game, attacking the vendor, then reloading the game. To get over that last half level hump I’m just doing this to cheese some iron ore that I can transmute into gold and craft into rings.

Pretty sure my character is level 12 at this point. Still slow going. I should start doing some more quests; I just worry that they will be fetch quests.

(I have a crap ton of ingredients; I’m starting to think the weight is adding up. Alchemy may soon catch up to Enchantment.)

I tried playing Morrowind a year ago; I had all of those feelings, plus I thought the visuals were way uglier than I remembered.

Apparently I had already been infected with vampirism by level 12 so I’ve been focused on the cure ever since. I’ve managed to purchase a soul stealing weapon, a nice one-handed dwarven axe, and am saving up for a black soul gem. My smith skill is high enough to make elven gear but first I want to be mortal again. Then elven gear, then maybe alchemy, then I can get back to questing.

Driving home yesterday for the first time I saw bushes on the side of the road and thought “Ingredient, grab it!”

EDIT: Oh yeah, killed my first unscripted dragon last night, woohoo! He attacked the very first tiny village you get to, where I was selling rings. Jerk! I should probably go look at shouts at some point…