Slackerinc ban

Broad brushed attacks in the pit and throughout the forums are quite common. Are all such attacks of ideology or other subsets of belief systems also going to be interpreted as so-called trolling?

Actually, he got away with his trolling in the pit. It was the trolling and off-subject ranting in his own ATMB thread that got him banned. But he has been trolling the board for a long time.

Also, sorry no bright line rules for the rules lawyers to play with.

Why is it that there are multiple stickies with rules to follow in each section if following the rules and referencing direct and unambiguous quotes is denigrated as rules lawyering? Seems like that attitude is at odds with fairness. I’m sure members of other groups get equally upset when they are subjected to broad brushed attacks.

He was banned for something other than how you’re framing it. So sorry.

No need to be sorry. Not sure the need for less clarity here where it matters than in snarkville.

Yes, the above is just so unclear!

He was banned for serial trolling, he finished himself off with the long off-topic hateful rant in the ATMB he started. This isn’t actually complicated. The broad brush attack just got the title of a pit thread changed and not even a warning.

SlackerInc was trolling in this forum, as well as others. While a certain amount can be tolerated in the Pit, this was trolling in ATMB.

I’m sorry if that’s not clear enough.

This question doesn’t seem to be directed at the banning itself, but rather about some other issues that the OP has already posted about at great length already. I don’t think that this thread serves a useful purpose.

If someone else wants to make the case that SlackerInc’s posts in ATMB were not trolling, they may do so.