Slang words on the Jerry Springer show?

What are some of the slang words used on the Jerry Spring show, how are they spelled and what do they mean?





You know, I really don’t think I get what you’re asking here. The “why” is a biggie, too.

…But I could conclude that maybe you’re a regular viewer of the show, which would just make most people giggle and walk away from this thread shaking their heads.

So, unless you can clarify your request (or get El-Moderato to slide this over to IMHO ro MPSIMS), I vote for a lock.

Who killed whom where, when and most importantly, with what? And why?

Another example of “too many unknown variables”. Fun eh?

What are they: [expletive deleted]
How are they: [expletive deleted]
What do they: [expletive deleted]

Hope this helps.

I was hoping we could compile a kind of slang dictionary.


Try this:

Any one or two word expression most likely means “woman of low moral standards.” (“ho”, “hoochie mama”)

Any three or more word expression means “I disagree and/or shut up, I am not listening to you.” (“Don’t go there”, “talk to the hand”, “you ain’t all that”, etc.)

In reality, they speak a dialect that has many words but reflecting only two concepts. Springer’s shows could easily be transcribed in binary:

“0110100011011” = “shut up slut slut shut up slut shut up shut up shut up shut up slut slut shut up slut slut”

Main Entry:1beep

: a short usually high-pitched sound (as from a horn or an electronic device) that serves as a signal or warning
Merriam Websters