Slashed forehead = punishment for child molesters in prison?

I’ve been browsing the local Sex Offender Database for the hell of it after reading Paul in Saudi’s thread. (There’s a guy two houses down from me who served 20 years for incest! :eek: )

I’ve noticed not one but two guys, in about 10 minutes of browsing, who had long, horizontal scars across their foreheads. Both served time in jail for child molesting. Is the slash on the forehead a punishment given to molesters when their fellow prisoners find out what they did?

Gotta bump this. Anyone know?

Well a dishwasher I worked with once was a convicted child molester and he had no huge slash mark on his forehead, though he was missing a finger. :eek:

I have heard from several documentary shows that child molesters actually have to be seperated from the general population because even criminals have a code of ethics and will hurt or kill the child molesters

I’ve heard that as well, but then I’ve heard from other sources that it’s horseshit. It’s the survival of the fittest. If the incestuous perp is a weakly built sixty year old that gets shipped off to prison for the first time, I think they will find themselves on the wrong side of a meat sandwich (use your imagination if you don’t get it) or worse. But that doesn’t necessarily have to do with their crime. But if we’re talking a hells angel biker who’s 300 lbs and was caught fiddling around with a prepubescent, well, you’d think he’d be left alone by the gen.pop. Don’t know. It could just as well be misinformation. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real-life sources.

I’ve met a couple hundred child molesters and I’ve never known one with a slash on his forehead.

I did know of a molester in prison whose fellow prisoners forcibly tattooed “baby raper” on his forehead though.

I also wonder how the other inmates would know what another inmate is in for, unless they tell them, and I can’t imagine a child molester admitting to that.

The guards would know, and many of them aren’t above letting that info slip.

Often inmates can watch the news on television, right? They may know before the guy even gets there.

Also, it seems to me that a slashed forehead would be a common outcome of any fight or assault, no matter how it started or the motive.

I can pretty much confirm this. I sat on a jury many years ago where a man was tried for having sex with his underage stepdaughter. We convicted him on a Friday. His throat was slashed Saturday.

After watching two hours of video of this slime and his stepdaughter I wasn’t too terribly upset at the news.

Or Google him if the prison has Internet connections for the prisoners.

Or have if they get vistors they can have one of them look it up. Criminal convictions of adults of a matter of public record.

I’m no expert, but from what I understand when you’re in court the other people waiting for their time in front of the judge are sitting in the courtroom (ala traffic court). Those who get convicted know what others were convicted on just by the huge word of mouth that exists in the penal system.

Child molesters are definitely a target in prison. It’s not 100% - some child molesters are in general population. But they’re not popular. That said however, I’ve never seen or heard of forehead slashings being used as a mark for this.

Strangely enough, this does happen in many cases. Apparently whatever compulsions drive a man to have sex with a child also drives him to talk about it.

Exactly. There are even prisoners who make a business out of this. They have relatives scan through the sex offender databases looking for prisoners doing time for sex crimes against children. Then they get the information and look for other prisoners in their jail that committed these crimes. Then they blackmail them to keep it quiet.

Just like the way policemen go around telling burglars who doesn’t lock their doors at night or the way firemen give out free kerosene to arsonists. Because we all know that people who make a living out of preventing something from happening actually spend all their time thinking of ways to make it happen because we get bored.

C’mon. Cop corruption scandals aren’t entirely unknown. Neither is the phenomenon of a fireman who turns out to be a firebug. And, sadly, neither is the prison guard who turns out to be not exactly a model of perfect behavior himself.

It doesn’t need to be a majority of guards who do these things - just a corruptible few to foul things up.

I won’t deny there are members in my profession who are a problem. But not the “many of them” you spoke of.