Slavery in modern China (spoilers for Skyfall)

Hopefully the below is spoilered:

In Skyfall, Bond identifies Severine as a sex slave. Is this artistic license, borrowing from the past, or is it still current?

There are sex slaves in the present-day United States. Why would China, which has a much worse track record for human rights, not have them?

It seems to be a common practice in many counries, even first world ones - women who have no choice for avaroius reasons are pretty much forced to become prostitues and make no money themselves, although their “handlers” benefit. This is usually what is meant by sex slave. Some stories say that rich or nasty types have their own personal harem, but generally the term refers to forced prostitution. they are either kept locked in a brothel or if on the street, they are monitored by the hired muscle.

The forcing happens in many ways - eastern european or asian women brought over as “nannies” or “dancers”; then they are beaten, their passports taken, they or families back home threatened, drug addiction. Sometimes it is runaways or street people who are also beaten, intimidated or whatevr.

Haven’t seen the movie, but more likely a rich guy unless he is a mobster type, will follow the Dodi Fayed model - have models and other hangers on who basically get free room and board and sugar-daddy handouts in return for being available - willing companions rather than slaves. (I read an interview with one “model” who described the “get-outta-Doge” brush-off from the servants getting the girls out of the mansion when Princess Di was due to visit.)

Of course, your basic Dr. Evil type should have no problem finding girls who are intimidatable for one reason or another.

OTOH, someone who is not in a drug-induced haze even in China would be aware of their rights and probably able to flee unless they feared for their life, so a simple “I own you” slavery model does not necessarily work.

Severine seemed to be allowed considerable freedom where as sex slaves over here seem to be kept under durance vile.

And of course Taken portrayed it existing in Paris, France. If you want to go the “movie” route.

That’s where I keep my sex slaves.