Sleep Apnea Treatments

Has anyone undergone treatments for sleep apnea? Did the benefits measure up to your expectations? Any bad side effects? Were there any dangers that made you reconsider or avoid surgery/treatment?

thinksnow posted a very informative thread on this very subject.

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition which must be treated. No treatment is not an option. Would you ignore high blood pressure, kidney trouble, lung damage? Although snoring is a part of it, there is much more to it than that… Simply put when you go to sleep you stop breathing.

After a varying time of being without oxygen, your brain short circuits the sleep cycle to wake you up and tell you to take a breath. You are basically suffocating all night. You are NOT sleeping. You are never able to get deep enough into the sleep cycle to reach REM sleep because your brain can’t go without oxygen that long. REM sleep is when your body undergoes its restorative and rejuvination processes.

IT WILL NOT GO AWAY IF YOU JUST IGNORE IT! YOU WILL ONLY DO FURTHER DAMAGE TO YOUR BRAIN, HEART, LUNGS, KIDNEYS, CIRCULATION, AND BLOOD CHEMISTRY. Not to mention having no quality of life because you are sleepy all the time and a danger to yourself and others because you never know when or where you may nod off.

I can not emphasize this enough. If you are a candidate for surgery to correct it then by all means have the surgery. If a Bi-Pap treatment has been recommended for you until surgery can be done then do that too. Changing pillows, bedding, sleeping in a chair-none of this will work. Neither will the “breath right strips” or “no more snoring” drops. Get your ass back to the pulmonologist NOW mister!:slight_smile:

I am RN with over 10 years experience on a respiratory floor and I also have lung disease (reactive airway disease- like asthma) so I know what I’m talking about. Although I am not currently authorized to speak for him, I’m sure thinksnow would be glad to talk with you about this as well. Just send him an e-mail.

I don’t have a medical background like Mermaid, but I do have a friend who was suffering with this condition. Before he was diagnosed he used to fall asleep almost anywhere at just about any time day or night because he was never getting enough deep sleep. He went to a sleep clinic and they prescribed a c-pap (I’m not sure of the spelling). It’s a breathing device he wears while he sleeps. Ever since he’s gotten that, he’s done very well. This is a very dangerous condition to have–I hope all goes well for you, heptapod!

My then-2-and-a-half-year-old son was snoring so badly that he had sleep apnea episodes (we figureed out it was more than just snoring when he climbed into bed with us, then jerked himself awake to re-start breathing and kicked me). We had his tonsils and adnoids removed and he has been much better since then.

Sad-but-cute story: When we took him for surgery, I had to carry him into the operating room, and fit the gas mask over his face. As I did, he looked at me with a look of utter surprise - “but…but…you’re my daddy - how can you do this!” I felt awful. Well, it got worse - when he woke up, I held him for an hour or so, then he drifted off for a nap. When he awoke from the nap, he looked me in the eye and said “Does daddy still like Jake?”. Just squash my heart, why don’t you.

He’s just fine now, and we laugh about the story.

My ex used the C-Pac, and it really made a difference - when he used it!

Actually I’m asking because someone very dear to me is being tested for sleep apnea and there is a good chance she might have that and when I checked sites about the treatments they looked scary.

Nothing scary about the treatments. Lack of treating, now that’s scary. If you haven’t checked my thread, please do and them follow some of the links there.

I got a UPPP (tonsils, adnoids, uvula removal) last fall and my snoring has dropped to virtually nothing and the apnea is gone…for now. It may or may not come back, but for now, I’m sleeping better, my memory is improving and I’m feeling all around better. I tried the CPAP, but it drove me nuts and combined with regular bouts of strep throat, the surgery was a great option.

Good luck.

Oh yeah, and a big Thank you to Mermaid, too.