Sleep disorder question for (hopefully) MDs

I asked a question in yesterday’s Ambien thread that wasn’t answered. Sorry for not linking to it, but I don’t know how.

Ambien doesn’t work for me, and I was taking two 10 mg pills a night, one hour apart, per my doctor’s instructions. This after one 10 mg pill had no effect on me. 20 mg had no effect on me either, other than once I fell asleep, maybe 8-10 hours after taking it, I did sleep well, for 10-12 hours, but how the hell do you manage your life like that? You can’t, obviously. And I only manage to sleep about 2-3 hours a night currently.

I have a new doctor now, whom I rarely see. I’d rather ask you guys than pony up the co-pay it would cost me to ask him. Are good old barbituates still prescribed for sleep disorders? I used them recreationally in my youth (not sure why; they just put me to sleep pretty darn fast, and sleep was the last thing on my mind when I took them). I know they’re addictive, and I might give Lunesta a try first, but am I wasting my time to ask him for some Seconal or something? I don’t even know if they make that stuff anymore; I do know Quaaludes were taken off the market a long time ago. Those put me to sleep like nothing else could. But, if I’m not mistaken, those weren’t prescribed for sleep.

Am I wasting my time and money in scheduling an office visit to get a barbituate? Thanks for any answers.

Ambien doesn’t work for a lot of people. I know some of them. I’ll stay away from the barbiturate question but I seriously doubt a doctor that doesn’t know you thoroughly would write out a prescription on demand for something that is addictive and has a high potential for abuse. There is only one way to know though.

Those aren’t the only two options though. Have you tried regular, OTC Dramamine? It is safe and non-addictive. Lots of people have good luck with it. There is a prescription drug called Trazadone that is pretty safe and non-addictive as well.

I am sure there are others and I think new drugs for sleep are being rolled out. Why don’t you just talk to your doctor about the different options and let him come up with a plan to try different things until you find something at work.

This isn’t meant to be snarky. It is just for illustrative purposes. The method of action for barbiturates is very similar to that of alcohol. They work on the same brain receptors. Taking barbiturates to sleep is basically the same as drinking yourself to sleep. Lots of people do that too but you can see why neither would be encouraged. You also can’t mix alcohol and barbiturates at all. They have a synergistic effect with one another and mixing them can easily lead to death even for rather small doses of each of them independently.

**I am not an MD but I have an academic background in psychopharmacology

I’ve tried Trazadone, and yes, it made me sleep, but omg, what vivid dreams. I hated it. I’ll try Dramamine, thanks for the suggestion. I thought it was just for motion sickness.

Thanks for both of your replies. Yeah, I need to stop being so cheap and go talk to my doctor.

That’s the best approach. I’m going to close this thread.

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