Sleep in sentient beings...

Do all sentient beings (as far as we know) sleep?


I think so,otherwise Fatal familial insomnia wouldn’t be fatal.

What exactly do you mean by sentient? Where do you draw the line? And what exactly do you mean by sleep?

The Staff Report Do insects sleep? may be of interest.

I’ve always thought that we are the only sentient species on this planet - in the sense that we are conscious of our own existence, are capable of reason and logic, etc. I mean, our entire view of ourselves and the role we claim for ourselves in the Earth’s ecosystem is based on this assumption, and as far as I know research hasn’t proven so far that other species possess abilities you could describe as “sentient.”

I’m not sure there is any research that has proven that anything is sentient. All I really know is that I am sentient. I assume that other people are also sentient, but I cannot prove it.

AFAIK, that is the most common understanding of the word.