Sleep Problem

Lately, when I have been falling asleep, something odd happens to me.

My eyes and my mind goes completely dark, and my eyes open. I start to have a hallucination(last time it was having Tarantulas crawling all over me, and it felt completely and utterly real, visually and physically). During that time I cannot breathe, it feels like I am drowning. I can not move at all, either.

Sometimes I don’t have any hallucination, but I still can’t breathe or move.

What is wrong with me?

Sounds like sleep paralysis.

What are the symptoms?
[ul][li]A complaint of inability to move the trunk or limbs at sleep onset or upon awakening [/li][li]Presence of brief episodes of partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis [/li][li]Episodes can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations or dream-like mentation (act or use of the brain)[/ul] [/li][/quote]

There are chemicals that paralyze you when you sleep, which has the plus of keeping you in your bed. The downside is that sometimes your mind will wake up while your body is still asleep. This often results in your mind panicking and sometimes making up odd things to go along with it. I suspect that you have a fear of spiders (so do I…), and it just happened to crop up as a symbol of panic.

As a side note, sleepwalking is the result of these chemicals not taking effect. In a sense, you are the exact opposite of a sleepwalker.