Sleep shudder

Um. Hey. I’m new here. I just joined up and it makes me sad that I will only be able to stick around for a month. But anyway. I get this rather mysterious thing from time to time where, when I’m nodding off to sleep, the muscles in my chest tighten up and force the air out of my lungs. This usually happens several times a night, but not every night. This phenomenon seems to be like the hiccups in that there is no obvious cause, purpose or effect. But I would like to know if anyone else experiences this and, if anyone knows, what causes it.

Any of this help?

Why do we twitch while falling asleep?

Why does my body jerk when I’m falling asleep?

Not particularly. I’ve read both those columns and while I do also experience the falling-and-twitching kind of shudder from time to time this happens more frequently and doesn’t jerk me awake. It’s about as disruptive as a hiccup. It’s probably some sort of obscure brain thing but I dunno, I was wondering if anyone else ever got this since I don’t remember ever reading about it.