Sleeping bats

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This might be the dumbest question ever asked here, but here we go. Tonight I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and we saw their bat display. I was looking at this one bat (who looked suspiciously like my ex wife) handing upside down sleeping and I got to wondering. Does that bat have to think about holding onto the tree branch while it sleeps or does it have a “parking brake” type mechanism that locks itself to the branch? Meaning does the bat grip the tree branch and forget about it or does it have to be aware and hold it’s grip even while asleep?

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Wow, super fat response, thanks I can finally sleep tonight. So, I was right, parking brake!

Perching birds (passerines) also have a special mechanism that makes their feet close tightly when they put weight down on their legs so they don’t fall off the perch even when they’re asleep.

And you don’t have to worry about losing your grip and falling to the floor.

Hi My name is Paul Hadfield I am new to this site I also love bats and what they do I would like to know any peeps think that any kind of bats are becoming instinct for my own personal advice Thank you for having the time to read this thread! I do count this message as a serious and real issue before it is to late like most species we have lost lately due to been outlived by other animals . does anyone have any real evidence not sayting nature programs are wrong these days ?

Wow, really? Interesting weird fact.
ETA: which brings up some follow up questions;

Do bats die in there sleep?
Which evolved first, sleeping upside down or the hanging lock?


“Their”, of course…